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The new season of Crucible released by the Path of Exile is now online
The dark action RPG "Path of Exile" recently launched the 3.21.0 revision "Crucible". This revision of "Crucible" opens up a new challenge alliance, and at the same time adjusts for 9 new Vaal skills, more than 10 new legendary items and map divergences and improves many game mechanisms. Forge of the ...
18/04/2023 02:12 PM
POE: Barbarian Berserker Earthquake Opening up wasteland experience
Getting to the point, the changes in the new version of Path of Exile have brought a huge BUFF to melee combat, making melee land reclamation a very relaxing and comfortable period, and with a large number of new skills suitable for advanced talents -【Earthquake】 A melee land reclamation magic skill. This ...
14/03/2023 08:41 PM
Path of Exile plot speedrun selection skills sharing
The gameplay in the Path of Exile game is quite interesting. Many people don't like to do plot tasks, but they can receive plot rewards, so here I recommend the quick clearance skills of the plot, hoping to help everyone. Path of Exile inherits the essence of the "Diablo" series of gameplay, and expands ...
13/03/2023 09:46 PM
My journey from Diablo 2 Resurrected to Path of Exile
Hello fellow exiles. July 2014 I am just like you are now, looking for new games. By chance, I came across Path of Exile, a game that has been highly recognized by the media and players overseas, won multiple annual awards, and is known as the "true successor of Diablo 2". After playing D2R for ...
Do you know how I recommend the Path of Exile?
The dark-style online game "Path of Exile" developed by the New Zealand game manufacturer GGG belongs to the 2.5D game. There is no mandatory charging, no paid enhanced props, and it is not the same in seconds. It is a real boutique game. Let's introduce this game from several aspects. All the talents of ...
06/03/2023 10:04 PM
8 Forgotten Legendary Masters in Path of Exile
In Valkras, besides the exiles, there are also troublesome characters who were exiled for fighting against the tyranny of the gods, including the seven forgotten masters. These seven masters with outstanding expertise in different fields each have different skills and have learned how to survive in ...
05/03/2023 10:31 AM
Path of Exile Witch three factions introduction and BD recommendation
The biggest change this season is that all support skills have been weakened and mana cost increased, which means that those who play the three elements of fire, electricity, and ice rely on support skills to bring damage. Such a result will cause players to fail to reach the speed of brushing, and the ...
21/03/2022 12:47 PM
Diablo 2 Resurrected-Single-Pure Civilian Shield Hit the Red Door
The game I played 20 years ago has a resurrected version, and I can't help feeling that thousands of years have been wasted. Thanks to Diablo 2 for growing up with me. I read a lot of posts on the Internet, all of them are Paladins wearing some "high-quality dark gold equipment" to go to the red door. I ...
20/03/2022 07:42 PM
Path of Exile: Sharing ideas for getting started with Lightning Bolt
After going through the era of wasteland reclamation, most of the new Lightning Arrows are already omniscient and ready to make graduation outfits. My understanding of the game is like this, Path of Exile is half the fun in spawning monsters, and half the fun in the equipment system. That endless farm poe ...
18/03/2022 09:12 PM
Inventory of those embarrassing loves in Path of Exile
Although May 20th and 21st are not legal holidays, their special meaning is self-evident. On this special day, let Mr. Cat take you to take a look at the embarrassing events in the Path of Exile . love story. The story of Morville and Dereso can be said to be the most well-known and most talked about plot ...
14/03/2022 04:28 PM
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