Path of Exile Witch three factions introduction and BD recommendation

The biggest change this season is that all support skills have been weakened and mana cost increased, which means that those who play the three elements of fire, electricity, and ice rely on support skills to bring damage. Such a result will cause players to fail to reach the speed of brushing, and the damage output drops sharply when the blue cannot keep up, and the element itself is also a crispy profession, which is easy to die, because the damage of monsters has been enhanced this season, and it has also increased. Monster density.

Another problem is that equipment in the national server will become a big problem. If players who are still interested in Elementalist recommend the international server, players with good international server network can connect directly. After all, there is a time difference and the network is not blocked Where to go, the accelerator chooses by itself.

Path of Exile Witch three factions introduction

Witches can still play this season. The recommendation is pure summoning. The spirit body has not changed much whether it is last season or this season, but this season, it is recommended to replace the corrupted golem with a megalithic golem. Season damage has been increased and is slightly higher than the Corrupted Golem;

This season, the skill adjustment of the giant stone golem rolling around has become, for example, in the case of playing a single boss, it will become 5 golems to surround the boss, only rolling within the range of this monster, and encountering monsters After returning to the same place, unlike last season, he directly rolled around the monster in a penetrating manner, trying to use stones to cause damage to the monster.

Elements make this faction, the three major law systems thunder, fire, and ice are completely unplayable because of the support weakening and mana consumption problems, corrosive arrows and chaos are still playable, plus giant stone golems or totem mines can be; Arrow is the skill with the least impact, but it is not recommended to play Elementalist for the first time to play. Bow weapon operation requires certain movement and operation, and the cost is relatively low. This BD requires excellent technology.

Another genre of mysticism is not recommended, and there is also the problem of excellent technology.

Overall, there are too many changes this season. It is extremely unfriendly to new and novice players. The auxiliary skills gems and potions have been weakened by all players; but the monster is an enhanced version, and I do not understand the official changes of GGG. Is it to change this game into a game with a very high lower limit?

Finally, let's talk about the profession of knight, Poison Rain is also one of the skills with the least impact, and Medicine Xia makes up for the shortcomings of the medicine change, and at the same time can use medicine Xia's own talent to play new medicine genre gameplay; but because of this The damage of monsters in the season is increased, and the survivability of the knight is extremely low. If you want to play well, the equipment cost will be relatively high. New players and novice players should choose carefully.

According to the changes of the most important auxiliary skills, mana cost, and monster enhancement, the following BDs are recommended:

  • Pure Summoning: megalithic golem or spirit body, mine and totem, because it is a crispy profession, survival issues need to be considered;
  • Old man: Because the old man's talent can perfectly avoid the shortcomings of mana consumption, the international server is not a big man's play taboo totem saint school genre, and there are already players who have successfully cleared T20;
  • Melee: Before the season came out, Fat Tuan Tuan also wrote that it is not recommended to play Whirlwind Slash, because the update content of the version was not fully released at that time, but GGG officially mentioned that Whirlwind Slash will definitely be weakened;

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