Do you know how I recommend the Path of Exile?

The dark-style online game "Path of Exile" developed by the New Zealand game manufacturer GGG belongs to the 2.5D game. There is no mandatory charging, no paid enhanced props, and it is not the same in seconds. It is a real boutique game. Let's introduce this game from several aspects.

All the talents of all professions are common. As long as you are willing, the slender and weak witch can add strength, and the large barbarians can add intelligence to themselves. Because the upgrade in the "Path of Exile" only adds skills points, the attribute point is also derived from the talent tree. Studying talent trees may develop a special Build bloom and achieve the pinnacle of life. In the talent tree, there are some special points. For example, the upper limit of life becomes 1 to avoid chaos damage; it will not avoid attacks, attack 100%hit by itself; magic bears 30%damage; remove the ability shield, the shield value becomes magic; Monster, increased resistance in this element, decreased other resistance; and so on. Matching with these special points will have special effects.

How many builds are there in the Path to Exile? This is difficult to make clear, it is estimated that no one can say it, because too much. It is now 7 occupations, dividing intelligence, strength, agile, 3 major series. What is the gameplay? Ice pulse, totem, summon, positive fire, liberation, incineration and other mainstream gameplay. There are also many niche, which is also interesting. Lightning Nova has seen someone playing, and the most common fireballs are playing very well. And if it is detailed, light totems, there are incineration totems, flame totems, lightning summoning totems, ice spear totems, lightning chain totems, summoning with totems, and so on. Burning, what MOM is incinerated, blocking incineration, chaotic clothes burning. Other occupations are similar, there are countless builds. The talent trees used by each Build are different. The gameplay is more than one. If you want to play every build, you wo n’t play it. Then you may not be able to play in your life. Many dark gold equipment have some special attributes, and Build is established around this dark gold equipment. The witty partner can develop builds by themselves. If it is really easy to use, it can be widely spread, and the corresponding equipment will increase the price. Gaming manufacturers will increase new dark gold equipment every time, and can bring new build. Fresh blood injection has always been used.

Path of Exile Gems System

Subverting traditional skill gem systems

Starting from Diablo 2, 99%of ARPG has a similar skill system. Their process is roughly: Killing Monsters-> Upgrade-> Get Skill Points-> Learning Skills . Such a system has greatly limited each character to use The skills, and the upgrade process is relatively rigid, and it may happen after playing for a long time. The key is that once the player finds the best upgrade route of each character, it will make other skills form. "Path of Exile" introduces a more novel skill stone system in the ARPG world, making the upgrade process: Kill Monster-> Randomly Get Skills Stone-> Equipment Stone-> Skills. Therefore, the skills of all professions are common. As long as you are willing, the witch can pick up the hammer and the floor, and the big barbarians remote fireball. At present, there are 261 skill gems and 8 skill columns. It is terrible to think about how many skill combinations will exist! This huge skill system is also an important pillar of POE's countless Build. Game manufacturers will continue to increase new skill stones, which may represent the birth of a new Build.

MF that can't stop, the most powerful random attribute

In the "Path of Exile", all the currency dropped randomly. At the low level, the character is good, and the equipment that EX is exchanged can be pushed up in the first two difficulties. One day, if you can turn a mirror, you will immediately counterattack and become Gao Fushuai. There is no map limits at all, as long as you make a blast, it is possible to get out. Stop your character to go out to brush the monster. The drop of equipment is the core fun of the game. What is your favorite thing? Of course it is a treasure! After bathing the dressing dress, block the character, brush it, remember to use a good facial cleanser. MAP can drop a small amount of limited value dark gold; but outside of the MAP, in the plot, it can also drop very valuable dark gold, siege ax, chaos clothing, blood armor, etc., when can I come out? , Turn over one. In the end, the plot BOSS is still often darkened, but most of them are toys with special attributes. Generally speaking, it is a place worth going to MF. Heritage equipment does not change attributes, old blood armor 1000 blood, updated 500 blood armor, 1000 blood blood armor is still there. As long as you enter the pit early, more out of print equipment will be included in the collection.

What do you play after the plot? General ARPG, weird and offensive and defensive. The MAP system in the " Path of Exile 2 " is a novel thing. MAP's random negative attributes, not only the increase in offense and defense, the character's attributes will weaken, teenagers! More challenges are waiting for you, but the more difficult MAPs, the more MF values are added, the more heart is as good as action. Don't worry about turning into crushing, sometimes the new MAP causes a headache for some veterans. Some new bosses have made some Gao Fushuai surrender their knees. Don't worry that you can be alone for defeat.

Do you know how I recommend the Path of Exile?

Nature replacement of single POE Currency

There is no concept of POE Currency in the "Path of Exile", and it uses NPC transactions to use poe items that are commonly called niche items. The role of all the items on the player is that it can be used to wash out the equipment attributes you want to get. Such an economic system, decentralization, do not have to worry about inflation at all, let alone the collapse of the economic system! If you do n't go online for a while, the scene of Gao Fushuai will not appear in the "Path of Exile". And through these currency props, you can almost reset any attributes on the prop. Usually, use these currency to smash, alas! I have the attributes you want!

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