Path of Exile plot speedrun selection skills sharing

The gameplay in the Path of Exile game is quite interesting. Many people don't like to do plot tasks, but they can receive plot rewards, so here I recommend the quick clearance skills of the plot, hoping to help everyone.

Path of Exile inherits the essence of the "Diablo" series of gameplay, and expands the degree of freedom and depth on this basis. 1384 points of talent, 261 skill gems, and 1626 random attributes provide almost unlimited configurations Experience and play treasure fun POE Currency adopts a dark style, and has a deep description in the creation of a bloody and terrifying atmosphere. Some players call it "a sequel that truly integrates the spirit of darkness". The game evaluation website gave high marks, and was praised as an exciting game with frequent fine-tuning to make all abilities more balanced, highly replayable, and very challenging in terms of character development and strategy use.

Path of Exile plot speedrun selection skills sharing

Path of Exile plot speedrun full process selection skills sharing

  • 1. Rush into the city (this straight road is very suitable for leveling and equipment, you can brush for 15-20 minutes to make up for the missing).

  • 2. You can choose to run the Cruel Emperor Trial, and you can save BDs that don't urgently need to be sublimated until before Kitava .

  • 3. Run up and out of town to the ramp Descent.

  • 4. Go over the slope and enter the Vastiri Desert checkpoint.

  • 5. The L-shaped route runs up to the foothills of the boulder hills.

  • 6. Run up and step on the point, continue to run to the Boiling Lake and kill the petrified chicken.

  • 7. Teleport back to Vastiri Desert, find the way blocked by the storm, go back to the city and take the bottle of storm to open the way, and then kill the scorpion boss (talent point task).

  • 8. Teleport to Foothills, run left and enter The Tunnel (Trial of the Ruthless King 2).

  • 9. Run up the tunnel to the left, step on the point, then turn back and finish the trial before entering Quarry.

  • 10. Run to the middle of the map to step on the spot, quarry Quarry, run to the left and stick to the wall to find the sandstorm boss room and kill it (talent point task).

  • 11. Go back to the quarry and go up to the Refinery.

  • 12. Kill the refinery Boss, get the powder, and send Quarry back to the city.

  • 13. Talk to Sin and enter Belly of the Beast.

  • 14. Keep running into Rotting Core.

  • 15. Kill 3 little kings + close the bottom boss.

  • 16. Teleport back to city ACT10.

The above is the sharing of selection skills for the whole process of Path of Exile Currency plot speedrunning, I hope it can help you quickly pass the plot.

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