The new season of Crucible released by the Path of Exile is now online

The dark action RPG "Path of Exile" recently launched the 3.21.0 revision "Crucible". This revision of "Crucible" opens up a new challenge alliance, and at the same time adjusts for 9 new Vaal skills, more than 10 new legendary items and map divergences and improves many game mechanisms.

Forge of the Titans

In the "Crucible" revision, the Molten Forge of the Titans is scattered around Valkras. When the player finds the scattered Molten Forging, he can choose one of the weapons to infuse the power of the ancient Titan, and start the challenge event at the same time. The longer the infusion time, the more terrifying monsters will be merged into the lava monsters that appear.

Path of Exile Crucible 1

Weapon-specific Molten talent tree

The most distinctive talent tree of "Path of Exile" will also appear on the player's weapon in this revision. Through the Molten Forging event, players will have the opportunity to enchant talent trees on weapons. The weapon talent tree can only choose one route to advance, which will test the player's choice and luck. If the player successfully configures a specific talent, he will get rare buy poe currency or legendary items when sold to merchants.

Additionally, the final trial of Molten takes place in the Furnace of the Titans, an area of ancient power that can melt a weapon and fuse its Molten talent tree with another weapon. However, the result of forging is unpredictable, and talents on the talent tree will be randomly upgraded, downgraded and mutated.

Path of Exile Crucible 2

Shuttle map of Qidian

Map Bias will be featured in numerous Path of Exile "Crucible" endgame optimizations: There are 3 sets of Map Bifurcations in total that allow players to jump from left to right and vice versa. Each divergence point needs to consume 1 map talent point to configure, but using these divergence points can make it easier for players to achieve what they want to play.

Survive in the cracks, find life in the abyss

In this update, the "rift" will be greatly changed. Normal Breachstones will be upgraded to higher tiers in this patch and fully replace Energized, Purified, and Wealthy Breachstones. The Flawless Breachstone can now be obtained using the Blessing upgrade or the Atlas talent. The speed and density of Rift monsters have been optimized to make the pressure and rewards of the overall event more consistent. At the same time, this time also adjusted the scarab of the rift, the hiding place of the rebel training, the rift stone of the Kirak mission, the rift harvest crafting option, the fragment warehouse page, the destiny card, the rift legendary item and the map talent.

After the update, Abyss Liches will appear in the Pit of Despair and have a chance to spawn Styrian Spikes, and their reward chests will drop Styrian Belts, Jewels, and other items. The abyss map talent tree, map lich event balance, abyss legend and abyss scarab are also updated simultaneously.

Path of Exile Crucible 3

Talent Tree Specialization Overhaul

This revamp offers many new ways to create character genres and tweak player favorites. This update synchronously adjusts nearly half of the specializations on the talent tree, and there are many new optimized genres for players to choose from; at the same time, this update also adds new link skills, stun reduction, and imprints by strengthening the talent tree and other specializations.

On the other hand, the Destroyer and Stalker sublimation classes have also been greatly revamped. In addition to traps and mines, Ravager can now also specialize in triggering skills and cooldown restoration. And the stalker can now use talents to turn many skills into drug-like functions, or consume potion charges to obtain additional effects.

Challenge yourself in cruelty

Ferocity Mode is Path of Exile's gameplay designed to be extremely scarce. This mode is quite challenging, as Exiles have to play with below-par item power. This revision is aimed at optimizing brutality. Not only the extremely powerful currency - Exalted Orb will return in the brutal mode, but also the exclusive challenge achievements limited to the brutal mode will also debut, a total of 8 achievements are waiting for players to experience.

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