POE: Barbarian Berserker Earthquake Opening up wasteland experience

Getting to the point, the changes in the new version of Path of Exile have brought a huge BUFF to melee combat, making melee land reclamation a very relaxing and comfortable period, and with a large number of new skills suitable for advanced talents -【Earthquake】 A melee land reclamation magic skill. This time, I will mainly introduce this skill, as well as some experience in opening up wasteland. Of course, there is also a very good melee support 【Ancestral Guard】.

【What is an earthquake】

Lv28 can be used. It comes from the third chapter of the barbarian duelist task [Eliminate the left and right hands]. The mechanism of the skill is simply divided into two parts:

  • 1. In the direct part, hit the ground in the area in front of you to cause an AOE damage, which can be hit in the air.

  • 2. In the follow-up part, after the knocked part lasts for a period of time, it will explode in the form of aftershocks, forming a large-scale AOE damage.

Path of Exile Barbarian Berserker Earthquake Opening

【Ancestral Guard】

Obtained after the first chapter task [Break Bird Eggs], this is a totem, he will take the initiative to attack, you must be within the range of the totem before he will come out and start attacking. The damage he causes comes from your damage, so you The higher the damage, the higher the damage. The benefit he brings to you is [19% more attack speed] and attacking the target with you. To put it simply, there is an extra good support for melee combat this time, and the two dedicated to opening the BOSS fight together.


The civilian-level construction cost is at the middle and lower level, and everything is basically Chaos Orb price. It is recommended to open up wasteland and use it for a lot of damage, and take off when you get it at level 28. Weapons are easy to use, accompanied by dark gold weapons and yellow weapons. Monster clearing efficiency, strong AOE.


  • ★【Earthquake】When hammering the ground, be careful not to hit the objects in the scene, otherwise there will be no damage and no aftershocks. Some operations and predictions are required, as well as judgments on skill placement;

  • ★ It is necessary to change equipment all the time, and it is not recommended to wear white robes. It is necessary to change the skill connection to reverse the image of a single object, and the reverse image of the unit is relatively slow.Don't hit fragile cursed objects.

  • ★ Playing until now at level 88, except for Kalu Hammer's own 6L, the others add up to about 1 Exalted Orb 30 Chaos Orb. There are additional currencies such as POE Currency in the new area, which makes buying and selling easier.

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