Diablo 2 Resurrected must wash super large runes

Diablo 2 Resurrected Edition has a lot of options to improve the comprehensive ability of the character itself. In addition to the most common and reasonable equipment matching and the selection of equipment with more powerful attributes, there are several types of runess that can be placed in the backpack to bring attribute bonuses to the character. It is also a choice that brings significant improvement in the middle and late stages. For example, most of the legal systems or related skill levels can bring great improvement to the gameplay, you can choose multiple +1 character single-line skill level super-large runess with small runess with improved survival or MF attributes, which just fills the backpack A vertical column of space.

There are a lot of attributes that can appear in super-large charms, at most a prefix attribute combined with a suffix attribute. In order to facilitate the player to understand more simply and directly, here is a list of some super-large charms that can have useful prefix and suffix attributes and buy D2R Runes Corresponding to the affix level, the maximum variable is taken.

D2R Runes

Prefix attribute: +1 specific occupation single-skills (affix level 50), all resistance +15 (affix level 35), +10 maximum damage value +76 attack hit rate (affix level 29), +132 attack hit rate (affix level 29) Level 49), +59 mana (affix level 49), +30% single resistance (affix level 30)

Suffix attributes: +40% extra gold coins from monsters (affix level 19), +12% fast strike recovery (affix level 1), +7% high-speed running/walking (affix level 19), +45 health (affix level 91) )

The properties of super-large runess suitable for different professional gameplays are not exactly the same. The most common law systems and some skill levels can bring greater improvement and the main auxiliary gameplay. You can choose super-large runess that can improve your main skill level. , such as pure and unique necromancers, ice, fire, and electricity output mages, trap assassins, elemental druids, horses, blessed hammer paladins, auxiliary shouting barbarians, auxiliary aura paladins, etc. .

For games that focus on physical output, it is usually recommended to choose related attributes that can improve physical output, such as maximum damage value, super-large runess with attack hit rate, such as bow horses, dual heat paladins, and most physical output barbarians , Furious Druid, Dragon Claw Assassin, some entertainment melee physical output Mage and so on.

Super-large runess of resistance and mana type tend to improve the survival and endurance of the character. Players with weak characters or poor operation skills can also choose to bring some, but generally choose small runess with the same type of attributes. symbol.

It is worth noting that only Diablo (level 94), Nihlathek (level 95), and Baal (level 99) on Hell difficulty can drop a +45 health (affix level 91) oversized runes (or use The super-large runess it drops are washed out), washing the super-large runess is also called washing the board, the formula is to consume 3 any perfect gems or skeletons (there is no requirement for the character level), and the properties of the board will be reset each time , there are enough perfect gems to wash forever.

We know: There are various bosses in ' Diablo 2 Resurrected and some of the super-difficult boss monsters have abnormal damage and special attributes, which make many professions unable to deal with them. However, it will be different if you practice a formed Shield Slam Paladin. Shield Ding is a professional killer. From this point of view, Shield Paladin is a must-have profession in everyone's talent pool.

Shield Slam Paladins can generally be formed around level 80. The main indicator is to fill up the heavy blow (shield strike), the holy shield and the fanaticism in the attacking aura system in the fighting skills. Like the Blessed Hammer Paladin, the Shield Slam Paladin's name implies that 'Smashing' is a core skill. Heavy hit is hitting an enemy with a shield, which can briefly stun them, and has a high hit rate. Some occupati ons can also slowly consume the boss by sucking blood, but once they don't hit, they will stop, while the Shield Paladin is very stable.

There is a specialization in the art industry, and the Shield Paladin is obviously not suitable for pioneering. It is best for everyone to choose other occupations, such as: Ice and Fire, to make a fortune. In addition, if you want the Shield Paladin to use all of his combat power, the cost is quite high, so let's practice it later. If you insist on letting Shield Ding open up wasteland, then we can use 'enthusiasm' as the main output skill in the early stage.

For the Shield Paladins, in addition to the 'thumping', the Doctor believes that the Holy Shield is also very important. It is worth noting that: we should point the agility points to be able to maintain 75% block after opening the holy shield. Also, Vitality works well, and moving faster is always good.

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