What little-known details about Diablo 2 Resurrected

The endings of the three main characters in Diablo 1 have been given in Diablo 2. The three optional protagonists of Diablo 1 are warriors, mages, and rangers. As for the barbarians and other heroes added in the Diablo 1 expansion, they are soy sauce, and they should not have existed in the official Diablo.


The warrior is the famous Skeleton King, the child of the dead king Leoric in Diablo 1, Prince Aiden, and the father of Leah in Diablo 3, a powerful warrior with noble personality and high martial arts.

1st of Rashanian 1265

I finally have hope. I watch these adventurers every day, and now one warrior stands out. He was taciturn and unusually calm, exuding a calming aura from his body, but on occasions that would confuse other adventurers who only cared about plundering and dividing the spoils, he remained motionless and focused. I feel like I've finally found a hero, the Prowler. In the evening, I invited him to my cabin. I read for him the dark chapters of history, unreservedly informing him of my guesses Diablo II Resurrected and confirmed realities. He didn't say a word from beginning to end, just nodded slightly when he motioned for me to continue, as if no matter how terrifying the darkness was, it couldn't scare him. I also shared with him my knowledge of the methods of defeating evil that I had learned in legends. Hopefully, this knowledge can play a role in his bloody battle against evil.

Kane's first impression of Ed in The Kane Diaries.

In the underground of Tristram, heroes and comrades work together to defeat the powerful demon Diablo, but this cannot kill him completely. If it is not handled properly, it will break through the sealed crystal soul stone sooner or later. Reappeared in the world. After defeating Diablo, Ed, who returned to the ground with the Sealing Crystal-Soul Stone, had already begun to be under the evil influence of the demon.

The 6th of the month of Essena, 1265 of the Kohastani era

I was tossing and turning in a nightmare of a terrifying dream of a young child who was being tortured inhumanly, and his dying cry seemed to come from the abyss of hell, and the desolate sound shattered the decaying windows of the monastery, and What I heard when I woke up was the terrifying scream of Diablo being terminated. Even though the dawn had broken, I could not restrain the trembling of my whole body when I heard such a terrifying cry. I could not sleep again, but ventured outside and waited for the soldiers to return. It seemed like a particularly long time at the moment, and with every second that passed, my worries increased by one point. At last he appeared, the rising sun silhouetted against his body, blood covering his body - the enemy's and his own. I finally relax, the hero has defeated Diablo, he has survived the cruel test, and all the horrors are a thing of the past. Looking at the bruised hero, at the burning corpses outside the monastery, at the ruins left after the battle, my mind is still confused. If I had taken the legends seriously in the first place, would all this have been avoided? I fell into deep self-blame.

At this time, Eddard should have learned the ancient method of sealing demons from Kane - imitating the greatest mage in Horadrim, Tal Rasha, inserting the soul stone into his forehead, and using a powerful soul to expand with the demon forever fight. But without other supporting measures, the hero decided to embed the soul stone in his forehead only knowing the general process.

Diablo 2 Resurrected

The 20th of the month of Essena 1265 of the Kohastani era

How can I be so short-sighted? I blamed my friend's melancholy on a natural reaction to the horrors he'd experienced, without ever noticing that it was Diablo himself that was resident in him. After defeating Diablo, the conceited warrior inserted the Soul Stone that imprisoned Diablo into his own body in an attempt to restrain the Dread Lord with his body and mind. Clearly, however, he failed. He began to wear a large black cloak to hide his physical changes in the darkness. After weeks of contemplation, he finally set off one night. Maybe he went to "East," where he woke up screaming his name countless times after defeating the Dread Lord.

Shortly after he left us, thousands of demons emerged from the ground and attacked our town, burning it to the ground. The bloodthirsty demon did not spare anyone, including women and children, and even the deceased could not get peace in the tomb. They were eventually resurrected into terrifying undead monsters and became the demon's minions. Poor blacksmith Griswald, who had devoutly forged sharp weapons and heavy armor for the prowler, now suffered the worst of doom. After being tortured for countless days and nights, he was corrupted into a demonic monster thirsting for mortal flesh. There is no doubt that the Dread Lord has taken possession of his body. This fool, he thought he could control Diablo's evil, yet his reckless conceit ended up costing us all.

Now, I sit alone in my cage, waiting for my doom amidst the screams and the flames of hell all around me.

Like the rest of the heroic epics, the hero always has a tragic ending. He fought countless times in the field of spiritual consciousness with the powerful demon Diablo in his head. Edd finally failed, gradually corroded, and began an irreversible journey of depravity. , the once powerful martial arts and powerful body were eventually occupied by Diablo, and the little remnants of human nature and Eddard's soul kept him in human form until he liberated Diablo at the tomb of Tal Rasha in Lugauin Luo's brother.


There are also translations of Archer, Logue, and Ronin. According to the translation of Diablo 2 Resurrected , it is Logue. The leader of the Rogues, the agile and powerful female ranger, helped the warriors defeat Diablo in Diablo 1.

We are more familiar with her title in Diablo 2 - Blood Raven

At that time, from the official traditional Chinese version to 1.13, the Chinese version was mistakenly knocked into a bird, so the name Blood Raven has been used until now, and it has also become a customary name for domestic dark players. Friends don't have to correct me in the comment area. That's the name in the game

Blood Raven used to be the leader of Rogge. He assisted Eddard in defeating Diablo in Tristram's heroic battle against the Demon Lord. Unfortunately, Blood Raven was planted by Diablo with the seeds of darkness. After Blood Raven returned to the monastery, the blind nun Akara sensed that Blood Raven had been affected by some evil force, albeit slowly, which eventually led to Blood Raven's complete depravity in the battle with the tormented queen Andariel.

Here is the NPC dialogue when the Diablo 2 Act 1 mission reaches "Blood Raven":

Akara: "Blood Raven was in the cemetery beneath Tristram, fighting heroically against Diablo...she's never been the same after that, and now it's clear that she's come back under the influence of evil influence."

Charsi: "Blood Raven was once the leader of Rogge, the hero who once fought against Diablo in Tristram" "Even when Andariel raided us, Akara felt something was wrong and she was afraid Blood Raven was influenced by some evil that was buried deep beneath Tristram, and I wish we could have done something about it back then.

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