How we get the POE Currency and POE Items

Many of our customer was curious why we have so many exalted orb. And some of our players want to join us.

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Actually we have a large farm group, they are good at playing the path of exile and know how to farm more orbs. Of course not all the orbs is exalted orbs, What gets the most is like chromatic orb, orb of alterations and some of chaos orb. We can also get some Mirror of Kalandra at each Challenge League J This is the first way that we get the poe currency!

We also need buy from other players when stock not enough ,Price is usually 50%-60% of our sell price. The min amount usually is 50exalted . You can contact our livechat for more details.

Some of our players asked about join our farm group ,Our workers have the same language and they know our local language. It's more convenient to communicate, It's better for us to get the poe currency. That's why we usually not accept other players.

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All of our orbs from right way and 0 ban record. Your account is safe and security when purchase from POE4Sale.Com.

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