Some suggestions for the upcoming release of Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2's new weapons look equally interesting, making room for new play styles. We saw actual combat demos of spears and crossbows, and the spear skills seemed to be to my liking. Equipping a spear grants a grappling skill that allows you to charge into enemy groups and increase your damage for a short period of time after attacking. When the buff ends, you can use guerrilla skills to stay away from danger and restore health. In this way, players can freely control the rhythm of entry and exit, which is much more interesting than the mainstream traditional grass-cutting melee genre in ARPG.

The characteristic of war crossbows is that each crossbow comes with different attack skills. We saw a siege crossbow in the demo that lets you turn into a cannon, shoot arrows into the air, and watch them pour down. If an annoying summoner or nurse is hiding behind a horde of blood-thick melee enemies, this weapon is sure to come in handy.

Suggestions of Path of Exile 2

Combat in this type of game tends to get monotonous, especially at high levels. But it seems Path of Exile 2 has found the right path in combat design with these new mechanics. Here are some of my suggestions for POE2 , I hope GGG can improve the following points.

1. Don’t repeat the plot again and again for the trumpet, at least once every season, this kind of weak and full of loopholes is only disgusting from the third time, and you forced me to watch it every trumpet.

2. Simplify the game content. So far, there have been dozens of seasons in the Sacrifice League. Unless you are a college student who skips classes five days a week and an anchor who pays to live broadcast, no one can play so much content in one season. I understand that it's easy for programmers to add something every season, but it's bad for a game to add something unabated.

3. Please stop mindless actions to strengthen the plot and map monsters. Although GGG does not have the level of wow, sc2, and ow that Blizzard had in the past, it has inherited the stupid thinking of Blizzard who ignores normal players and just wants to compare with top players. So now a lot of people say that the wow production team sunset Xishan is because of Asan, I don't believe it, poe is known as the original version of North Blizzard. All I can say is that I'm afraid those designers were so stupid back then. You GGG looked at a quick video of a graduation outfit in a mirror and felt that the monsters we designed were too weak and then continued to increase the difficulty is really stupid and incomprehensible.

I really want to invite those people who balance the values to play the games they make, just the first chapter of the main story Kraken, the third chapter of God Lord, and the ninth chapter of goodness. If your bd is not the son of the version, an old pioneer bd, or a big shot with a mirror-level position, it will be really disgusting to fight. Your GGG sponsored the season story speedrun competition, the players who have the deepest understanding of this game drank the potion and fell at the door of the newbie village before you can enter. GGG still has no response? Sometimes I think that I catch people in the GGG balance group, force them to play their own games, and then slap them once they die, then I must be committing murder. This is not because the level of GGG programmers is too high and the estimated player level is biased, but because their level is too low, they don't understand the difficulty of making it by themselves.

4. Double-edged sword-like talent for adding and subtracting benefits, GGG’s favorite talent is generally a gain and a debuff, but these versions are basically a gain and a debuff of 1.5 times, and the normal talent is getting more and more Less, a few double-edged sword talents add to the fun, all of which can only give people a disgusting feeling. This design idea is also reflected in the twice deduction resistance of the plot, the player's entry resistance should be 75%, and your basic resistance Yes -60%.... Everyone needs to find at least 135% of the third resistance of fire, ice and thunder on the equipment. If the resistance is not full, it will cause you to touch the little monster aoe and it will evaporate directly. You are known as GGG. Freedom is the freedom to find resistance and blood volume, right?

5. Weakening the strong one and strengthening another strong, but really weak skill does nothing. GGG claims to be free of more than 1,000 skill gems, how many can you use? There are only a few that can be used actively. I would say that the auxiliary gems are the system, and that the physics school may have already appeared in your mind which five auxiliary gems are!

Having talked so much about PoE1, I just want to say that the current design direction of GGG is deviated, just like the current Blizzard, so whether you expect D4 or PoE2, don't have expectations. The design idea is wrong, the more you do, the more wrong you are. You can buy POE 2 Currency on POE4Sale.Com safe purchase.

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