How does the "Dark" classic continue? Path of Exile 2 handed over his own answer sheet

Diablo games are the common memories of the three people of 70, 8, and 90. Among them, the Diablo 2 classic, the first Rune Language game, the secret manufacturing tree system, and the dark golden equipment are all matched with RPG games. The influence of the subject matter, and among this, I have to mention Path of Exile.

The Path of Exile was developed by Chris Wilson, a loyal dark fan, for ten years. It inherits the essence of the dark series of games, and expands the degree of freedom and depth on this basis. 900+ skill gems, 150+ talents and 200+0 random attributes provide nearly unlimited outfitting experience and spiritual treasure hunting fun. It has been highly recognized by the media and players overseas, investment awards, and won the Diablo 2 sequel.

Path of Exile 2


In the recent update, the Path of Exile 2, which is under study, released the latest progress and officially opened an official appointment. The story of POE2 takes place in the final chapter of the current version of the final chapter of the 20 stories of the demise of BOSS Kitava. The entire society is slowly rebuilding, and new careerists try to encroach on this continent again.

Path of Exile 2


Chris said in the acceptance, The core of the design of Legend is fast-paced, as well as a powerful prop system and changeable character production. You can create any genre you want, suitable for characters, skills and talents. However, Path of Exile 2 has undergone a lot of upgrades while retaining the core design.

Path of Exile 2


The most criticized version of the current version is its screen performance. In 4.0, the team animation time, based on the current stage's PBR engine technology, will all the characters and simulation models of the scenes, animations, special effects, and simulation models. Fatal upgrade, game experience and infection will be fatally upgraded!

Interesting A-RPG, 4.0 also carried out a fatal upgrade to the battle. For example, lightning in the surrounding environment when attacking includes equal combat and visual effects, and the introduction of new weapons of war spears and crossbows to change the speed and combo mechanism.

Path of Exile M


The iconic skill system will be upgraded in 4.0. The auxiliary gems can be directly bPathcast live. In the self-portrait, each skill gem can now achieve six consecutive skills. The original skill combination will increase exponentially.

In addition, Path of Exile 2 will bring 19 new exiles, they create the new Chinese ability of the story now, let you fight one side in the 4.0 plot. You can also use them to relive the current plot, and all segments will lead to the same final map! Of course, you can continue to download all current versions of the map.

Chris said, Although the development of 4.0 in 2020 is indeed a very difficult year, for the past period of time, we have been contributing to its Arctic content, giving it to emerging regions, recent, and exciting. Zhang’s new battle. Our team has been creating some delightful things, and will share with you all about the development of 4.0 in the past. Thank you for your continued love and support!

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