The next update on the Path to Exile is the echo of atlas

As announced on twitch live earlier tonight, the next extension of the path to exile is the echo of atlas. It adds the usual mix of new features to free game hack and slasher, including new maps, endgame content and new challenge leagues.

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Path to Exile is The Echo of Atlas

The 3.13 update path of exile, known as the echo of atlas, introduces 11 new maps, regained advantages, the passive skill tree of atlas game map and a new final boss.

I'm not sure if I've ever seen exile and thought, it needs more skill trees. However: the new atlas passive tree is a skill tree on the game map, with different skill trees for each area. If you are an existing experienced player, this is a way to bring a series of new and meaningful decisions into your game journey.

Each of the path of exile extensions also introduces a new challenge coalition in which players can compete to cross the hurdles with new characters. This time it's a ritual alliance. Players trigger rituals to summon a large number of enemies to kill. Each ritual trigger will also summon each enemy in each previously completed ritual. It appears that the number of enemies increases to absurd figures, but some systems allow you to adjust the risks and rewards of every battle before starting.

The new endgame focuses on a creepy new character, maven, who likes to watch you fight. By defeating the boss, you will eventually gain the ability to summon her to any part of the map so that she can watch you fight other bosses. Success in these battles will eventually lead Maven to invite you into her field, where she creates copies of previously defeated bosses, so you can fight groups of them at the same time, increasing in number, up to 10.

There are many other additions and changes, including previous challenge leagues, such as harvest, which has been incorporated into the base game, and you can learn about it by watching the full content on YouTube.

For years, exile developers have released new extensions every three months, with few failures. This latest extension is a rare example of a decline in their release date, but it's not because it hasn't been completed. That's because they don't want to be released at the same time as cyberpunk 2077. Who can blame them? Everyone avoided the Internet beast.

We think path of exile is not only one of the best RPG Games on PC, but also one of the best free PC games. If, like me, you occasionally crave an action role-playing game, you might want to try it out - but I'll wait for Path of Exile 2, which we finally heard will go into beta sometime this year.

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