Diablo 2 Resurrected Monster Fear Leaderboard

Friends who have played "Diablo 2 Resurrected" know that in fact, the bosses in Diablo 2 are all good, but some of the main mobs are difficult to deal with, especially the monsters with halo are very easy to die, very Headache. Here, I will take stock of the monsters that made the scalp numb at the beginning, and feel the fear of being dominated!

10. Desert Maggot

It mainly refers to the spawning monsters such as desert maggots. These monsters are not very high in typhoid fever, but there are more and more monsters. It is very comfortable for necromancers with AOE damage, but for dual heat Paladins Single-target damage is a pain in the ass.

9. Tomb Snake Demon

The ancient tomb snake demon is also known as the bug snake. It is always encountered when brushing Nilasek in the Hall of Water. The reason why it is terrifying is because the poisonous mist he sprays is considered physical damage, and dozens of physical points per frame are used. Damage, thousands of damage in a second. If you don't drink the big purple bottle to restore blood immediately, it is easy to hang up. But " Diablo 2 Resurrected Items " has fixed this bug before, and the status of the BUG snake no longer exists, otherwise the top three must have his place.

8. Nilasek

If you're going to swipe keys, then you must be impressed with Nilasek. Nihlathak is a small boss in itself. It is a necromancer, with corpse explosion, teleportation, summoning minions, and arctic storm skills. It is surrounded by many mobs. If you clear the mobs, it is easy to be killed by the corpse explosion. Directly, the old man will teleport away and then Besieged by mobs. The solution is to wear the tranquility of nature to prevent corpses from exploding.

7. Death Beetle

What's so disgusting about this is that it will release rechargeable bullets when it is hit, and it is highly mobile and has fast life recovery. Moreover, he will appear very early in the second act. It can be regarded as a Mengxin persuading the killer, you It doesn't matter if you hit it, and it doesn't matter if you don't hit it. Only with a certain reactance can you dare to provoke it.

6. Leader of The Dead

The commander of the dead is holding a two-handed weapon, with rough skin and thick flesh, very fast moving speed, very fast attack speed, and getting faster and faster, very high attack power, and attached with elemental damage, he is definitely a melee fighter, often not waiting for you " "Recovered from a hit" and you hang up first. It is even more dangerous if you encounter a particularly fast, strong, and fanatical aura.

5. Banshee

The Banshee can fly fast, be very maneuverable, and its scary part lies in casting different curses. . First of all, they will release the defensive curse, which will reduce your defense by 65% ​​in nightmares and 85% in hell. The small red balls sprayed by the banshee themselves are physical attacks, and the damage combined with the curse is very high. They also cast bloody mana skills, this curse makes you take damage when you cast magic, when your skills require more mana, the more damage you take, once you hit this curse, it doesn't expire Don't cast the magic before, find a shrine to heal it, or simply go back to town to remove the curse.

4. Giant Mummy

The disgusting thing about a giant mummy is that it can resurrect and heal other undead. And it can attack from a long distance and release poison gas at close range. What's even more disgusting is that it matches the terrain. Once you enter the house, a large group of monsters will come around and beat you, while it hides in the shadow corner and silently resurrects the output. If you can't destroy him immediately, you will be resurrected continuously. Strange gang fight to death.

3. Electric Ghost

Electric ghosts often come in groups of three or five. They always see a few bolts of lightning before they see their shadows. In most cases, they only see the electric ghosts appearing around the corpse after they die, and it is easier to get exposed when they pick up the corpse. shoot. The horror of the electric ghost is that its attack distance is very long, and the electric damage is very high. It can also be teleported anywhere. Some positions cannot be hit by melee combat. In some open scenes, you basically have nowhere to hide. But the electric ghost itself is easy to be killed. To restrain the electric ghost, you need to raise the reactance high enough, or wear the belt of Thor's power, which will increase the lightning resistance limit and increase the lightning absorption.

2. Forgotten Knight

Friends who often shop in supermarkets will often see this monster. The damage of Forgotten Knight is not that high, and the monster itself is not that difficult to fight, but its horror lies in his skills: grant (healing companions), bone armor, bone soul, aging, attack backlash, reduce resistance, weaken, steal Take life, the damage deepens. Moreover, before the appearance of the Forgotten Knights, there will usually be Doom Knights or Hell Knights in front of them to output anti-damage. Forgotten Knights will hide behind to cast skills, and many of them are free from ice and fire. Once cursed, it is easy to die suddenly, and the curse is cleared. Also very troublesome.

1. Styx Doll

I believe that everyone has experienced the horror of the Styx Dolls. A large group of them will suddenly die when they raid, or if you kill them, their corpses will explode to death. Even if you go to pick up the corpses, you will be haunted by the horror of the Styx Dolls.

Styx Doll

The horror of the Styx doll is:

  • Its speed is extremely fast, even exceeding the speed of the player. Generally, it appears in groups and likes to run after the protagonist.
  • The explosion after death will convert 100% of physical damage. The damage value depends on the total health of the monster, but there will be a 5% chance of double crit, but this damage can be blocked and is invalid for mercenaries.
  • Its attack power is very high and its attack speed is extremely fast. Before you "recover from the blow", you may die. Styx dolls are also immune to freezing and belong to undead monsters. The most annoying thing about these monsters is that the blood-sucking attribute on the equipment has no blood-sucking effect when attacking them. It can only suck blood after triggering the blood-sucking curse.
  • The Styx doll is always accompanied by auras such as fanaticism and judgment.

The method of restraining the Stygian Doll is mainly to rely on mercenaries to injure or output from a distance, and avoid melee combat to prevent the corpse explosion from affecting oneself. It really doesn't work, you can only take a detour or restart. you can buy d2 resurrected runes and d2 resurrected items from POE4Sale.Com constant delivery, and safe deal!

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