Diablo 2's longest-lived NPC, he's the mastermind behind the scenes

Who is the longest-living NPC in the Diablo series? It should be Deckard Cain, the descendant of Horadrim! In the world view of "Diablo", the Horadrim members have been killed, and he is the only one left. He is the only one who knows about Eternal War, Hell of Fire, High Heaven and other related information.

At the time of the seal of the three major demon gods, his ancestor Jared Kane participated and established the Horadrim Monastery. Jared's Stone, I believe everyone is familiar with it! The name comes from the ancestors of Deckard Cain. In addition, in honor of his ancestors, Deckard Cain named his son Jared. The young Deckard Cain studied at Zakarum:

Diablo 2 Diablo II Resurrected's NPC

During this period, she had been in contact with Priestess Zakarum all the year round, and the two had close contact with each other, but there was no following. Deckard Cain was married to a wife, Amelia, with whom he had a son, Jared. But after an argument, Amelia left Tristram with their son. Regrettably, their carriage was attacked during this period, and all their wives and children died. The monastery believes that local bandits did it, but no evidence has been found.

Deckard Cain has been haunted by the death of his wife and children for many years, and still has not let go. Later, the king of lies Beliel approached Deckard Cain and told him that his wife and children were killed by the demon Khazra, so his wife and children's souls have been in the hell of flames for many years, tortured. However, in the end, the wise Deckard Cain exposed the king of lies.

When he first met Deckard Cain in the original, he wasn't as friendly as he was in the second. After all, the environment in Tristram was not good at the time, and everyone was very hostile, and they had to talk about money no matter what they did. In the period of " Diablo 2 Resurrected ", for some unknown reason, the devil invaded the town and everyone died, but the dark wanderer did not kill Deckard Cain, and the devil imprisoned him.

After the protagonists rescued Deckard Cain, he became the core character of the game and the player's most loyal mentor. If you encounter something you don’t understand or have a new task triggered, you can come back to chat with him, and he will always follow the player wherever he goes to solve our doubts. It can be seen that he is not only knowledgeable, but also knowledgeable, and he knows almost everything about the shelter.

Of course, if the player hadn't rescued her at first, he would have slipped out himself, but he would have to pay for the identification of the Diablo 2 Resurrected Items in the future. Deckard Cain is also a very important character in Diablo 1 , but it feels like the blacksmith has a bigger role. The pharmacy owner Pippin has a good relationship with him, while Gillian is a woman Deckard Cain admires very much, and the witch Adelia in the east of the village often shares her knowledge with Deckard Cain.

Many friends are very curious why Deckard Cain suddenly had a granddaughter in the 3rd generation: Leah. In fact, this is directly related to Jillian.


Diablo 2 Diablo II Resurrected's NPC

Gillian has had nightmares since she was very young. In her dreams, a large number of demons will invade the village and cause life to be devastated. And these nightmares have haunted her for years, making her miserable. The witch Adria said that she had a way to help her.


Diablo 2 Diablo II Resurrected's NPC

Prince Aidan spent several good nights with Adria after he sealed Diablo. After that, Adria left Tristram with Gillian and walked to the city of "Cadion" in the east, promising to help her completely cure her nightmares. Precisely because Adelia took Gillian away and let her escape, it didn't take long for the demon army to invade Tristram, and it felt as if Adelia knew in advance. In this invasion, no one except Deckard Cain was spared. After this, Jillian's nightmare gradually eased, and Adelia gave birth to a baby girl a few months later: Leah, the witch had her own plans in her heart, so she gave the baby girl to Jill Lianne took care of her and left.

Adria joins a mysterious witch guild in the remote wilderness of Westmarch, where she and another witch, Magda, become lovers, and the two join forces to become the head of the mysterious witch guild. Over the years, Gillian had raised Leah as her daughter, and Leah also believed that Gillian was her biological mother. Oddly enough, Leah also experienced countless nightmares. Eight years after Tristram's destruction, Gillian was once again struggling with nightmares, almost insane, often talking to herself.

One day, Deckard Cain came to Gillian's residence and found that Gillian was on the verge of collapse, and she was even very scared of Leah. Seeing this, Deckard Cain had to take Leah and bring her up to become his helper. By the time of Diablo 3 , Deckard Cain had already completed the diary and codex. Deckard Cain died in the cutscene due to Tyrael's arrival; in the game Deckard Cain did not die, but was still killed by "Magda".

This kind old man ended his great life in such a hurry. Even so, Deckard Cain is still the longest-serving NPC in the Diablo series, running through three works.

Why is it said that Diablo, the unity of the seven kings in Diablo 3, was brought about by Deckard Cain?

In "Diablo 1", Adria and Deckard Cain met in a tavern. She said that she was here to stop Diablo, and told Deckard Cain a lot of knowledge about spells, so that Deckard Kane has benefited a lot. The two often met in the tavern, and Deckard Cain told him about Anu, Tassamet, the War of the Mage Tribes, and the Battle of Original Sin, without knowing the sorceress Adriah.

Diablo 2 Diablo II Resurrected's NPC

Over the years, Deckard Cain has never spoken so freely. After all, there are too few people as beautiful and knowledgeable as Adria, and the two chatted very speculatively. Even in the later period, Deckard Cain revealed the history of Horadrim, as well as the stories of Zordon Kule and the Black Soul Stone. And these are the topics that witches are very interested in. After that, Adria had her own plans. The first thing was to find Aidan and spend the night with him by taking advantage of her own advantages.

A few years later, Adria took control of the witches and prepared for the next plan. In order to obtain the soul stone, they infiltrated Lugoin and found the tomb where Baal was imprisoned in the ancient tomb of Tal Rasha. Unfortunately, they could not find a way to enter. In Diablo 3 , Adria deceived her daughter, Tyrael, and Nephalem, and she directed Nephalem to collect the remains of Zordon Kull in order to obtain the Black Soul Stone.

After getting the Dark Soul Stone, he guided Nephalem to defeat the Demon God and absorb the soul. The last great demon god Azmodan was defeated, and Adria showed her true colors directly. A 20-year-old conspiracy finally surfaced. Under her plan, at the expense of her daughter, Diablo, the strongest in history, was born. This 20-year conspiracy can be said to be flawless.

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