Path of Exile S18 Season 3.17 Expedition Strategy

After the 3.17 version of "Path of Exile" S18 Season 3.17 expedition update, players also need to change some of the expedition play style, there may be some players who do not know how to adapt to the new version of the expedition, the following is the expedition I have sorted out for you Raiders.

1. Basic gameplay

Randomly encountered by the Logbook or map, the event will bind an NPC, and the dropped artifacts and "refresh items" will only be related to this NPC. Start with a detonator. The props are all digging, which can dig monsters, chests and Remnants.


Remnants will have prefixes and suffixes:

  • Prefixes are mostly negative affixes that make the event harder
  • The suffix is a positive affix, which will make the event reward richer.

Whenever a relic is detonated, the affix will be applied to the unit generated by the detonation and the units generated by subsequent detonations, but it will not be retroactive, and usually we will detonate the most needed affix first.

Monster/Rune Monster

Detonating a skeleton stick will spawn monsters if your client can see the skeletons. Anyway, the head of the rune monster will be larger, and the head of the general monster will be smaller. It must be a rune monster to drop artifacts, refresh items, and grave books. Compared with ordinary monsters, it does not have much to do with the above-mentioned positive "affixes", so rune monsters are given priority when detonating monsters.

Path of Exile S18 Season 3.17


The darker the color, the better, and it will also be affected by the affix.

Path of Exile S18 Season 3.17

2. Expeditions within the map

In the 3.17 map talent, you can get a maximum 10% chance to encounter this event, but because there can only be one event, when you use a special method to generate an expedition, the encounter rate is a useless attribute. Also because of the abundance of beetle production this season, we usually ignore the odds.

Map selection

Ideally we'd need a map with narrow terrain to focus on targeting, but the range/count bonus of the dynamite talent is more than enough for most situations. In addition, the number of items on the map will affect the output of items in this mechanism, so the situation allows the use of maps with a high number of items (+ beetles) for events.

Detonation/Placement Skills

Because beneficial affixes are relatively simple, the optimal solution is relatively fixed. The relic affixes with the highest benefits (the mechanism itself) are in order:

  • Double rune monster (this is the prefix, very rare)
  • Rune monster's grave tome drops 50% of the amount iiq (increase the amount)
  • 40% monster iiq

After selecting the required affixes, no box or common monster in the map is as effective as rune monsters. If there are rune monsters, it is not recommended to waste explosives on other common monsters/boxes/indifferent relics .

3. Log preparation

Each journal will have 2-3 areas, which will correspond to the specified NPC/currency:

  • Knight of the Sun
  • Black Scythe Mercenaries
  • Druids' Broken circle
  • Order of the Chalice

Usually Knight of the Sun is preferred, but if there is any preferred option, it is based on your own preference. If you are hesitant to choose, you can also use the region/base as a consideration.

Region selection

There are 15 regions in total, with different terrains and region-limited ruins. The recommended regions are listed below:

  • Good: Forest Ruins, Dried Riverbed, Vaal Temple, Shipwreck Reef
  • Make do with: Battleground Graves, Karui Wargraves, Bluffs, Utzaal Outskirts, Cemetery, Scrublands, Volcanic Island, Desert Ruins
  • Bad: Sarn Slums, Mountainside, Rotting Temple

Substrate selection

Different areas of the log will also have different base words, which are naturally good and bad. It should be noted that the ROLL value of the base is very large. Before using the grave map, be sure to prepare a blessing stone to increase the value of some affixes to improve the log efficiency.

4. Logging

After entering the log, open the small map to zoom in. The following content will be considered for the benefit of raising the artifact/refreshing. If you have other needs in the map, just pull it when you pass by. If there is no boss, and it is not a Druid's journal, we need to refresh props and artifacts at the same time, so look for the ruins first like the map. Good ruins affixes are:

  • Monster item/artifact drop IIQ
  • Crate drop items/artifact IIQ

Try to find the above affixes for the first few explosives, and try to pay attention to the rune monster and the icon, that is, the artifact box, for the subsequent explosives.

If there is no boss, and it is a Druid's journal, the premise of playing gambling without trading, the demand for refresh will be much greater than the artifact, so only grab:

  • Double the rune monsters
  • Monster Item IIQ

The part of the explosives distribution also only considers rune monsters. The hidden area will not drop and refresh, so it is not that important. By the way, it does not explode.


The revision added a new rule for BOSS income, that is, "Each relic affix that affects BOSS can increase the item drop of BOSS". Therefore, what the player has to do is to fill up the relic affixes within the limit that the player's body can bear, and try to use the rune monster income as the priority route to carry out the chain.

Path of Exile S18 3.17

5. Transactions

The following is based on your skill after brushing many kinds of grave maps. Although the version of Order of the Chalice has become stronger, we will not discuss the Order of the Chalice here, but the simple conclusion is to know the premise of what is going on. , more natural strength.

Knight of the Sun

Trade with Knight of the Sun first, and refresh Knight of the Sun to generate more discount artifacts and journals. This is not a Steam emulator, and it is not necessary to buy it at a discount. In terms of income, the following considerations can be made: Astragali and Exotic Coinages are the first to buy poe currency, and you must not be fooled. If you use Order of the Chalice frequently, then consider buying Scrap Meta.

Artifact discounts related to Druids' Broken circle are not recommended unless there is a high demand for the foundation. If you really have a strong demand for the holy grail artifact equipped by Order of the Chalice, it is recommended to start at the exchange rate of 0.5~0.6. If you put this fat boy, the final answer is ALLIN.

A simple way to calculate "how much should you buy" is to first take a screenshot of the current artifact/refresh quantity, shop for 10-20 refreshes as usual, and then compare it with the initial artifact/refresh quantity, and simply calculate the average of each time. Refresh the required currencies, and derive how much refresh time is required for one of the currencies to be exhausted first to facilitate subsequent purchases.

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