My journey from Diablo 2 Resurrected to Path of Exile

Hello fellow exiles. July 2014 I am just like you are now, looking for new games. By chance, I came across Path of Exile, a game that has been highly recognized by the media and players overseas, won multiple annual awards, and is known as the "true successor of Diablo 2". After playing D2R for a while, I entered this game with the mentality of giving it a try and giving it a try. The moment my character wakes up on the beach on the mainland of Valkras, my Path of Exile also appears in front of me.

Career and talent tree

There are 7 characters in Diablo 2 Resurrected , including 5 original characters and 2 expansion characters. Different characters have different basic attribute panels and different skill tree panels to form the basic information of the characters. The replacement of equipment in the game will also affect the attributes of the two panels. Players can choose different characters and different skill trees to add points to match equipment to obtain different game fun. There are also 7 characters in POE, 6 of which are basic characters, and the remaining 1 is a hidden character that was obtained when the third chapter was cleared for the first time.

My journey from Diablo 2 Resurrected to Path of Exile

What different professions have is not a skill tree system, but a talent tree system shared by 7 professions. right! You read that right, it is the same talent tree system! However, the starting point of each profession is different, and some professions focus more on the characteristics of the profession itself. For example, there are more magic, elemental, and summoning talent points near the starting point of the witch's talent tree. As the level increases and tasks are completed, we can get a lot of talent points. For any talent point, as long as you want, you can achieve it by lighting up the talent points between you and it, forming your own talent tree. The 7 characters share the same talent tree map. Although they have different starting points, we can all reach our ideal goal, but the efforts we need to make are different!

The talent points of the talent tree species are composed of basic attributes (strength, agility, intelligence), other attributes (critical strike, attack speed, spell power, etc.), talent gem holes and many mysterious special talent points. Lighting up talent points is also to accumulate some attributes for future battles. When you look back, you will find that you are much stronger than when you set foot on the coast.

After comparison, you will find that there is not much difference in the basic attributes of Diablo games, but the talent tree system of POE is very free, but there is no problem of convergence of characters. You can play a witch who uses melee weapons to fight melee, and you It's okay to have a barbarian cast offensive spells, you just have to pay more than other classes.

Items and Skills

Like most Diablo games, POE continues to use the system of distinguishing the quality of items in Diablo 2 Resurrected (including equipment items, use items and task items) by color.

The skills of Diablo 2 Resurrected Items come from the skill tree of each character. As long as the skill tree is lit up as the level increases, the corresponding skills can be used. The right to use POE skills comes from skill gems. When you get a skill gem and equip it with equipment on your body, you can use this skill. Matching this skill with corresponding auxiliary passive skill gems can enhance the power of existing skills. As described in the promotional image on the official website, active skills and passive skills give unlimited possibilities for skill combinations, which is the biggest feature of the POE skill gem system.

When I first came into contact with the gem system, I felt that this system has a lot in common with the runes system in Diablo 2 Resurrected. There are a total of 33 runes in D2R, numbered 1-33#, the larger the number, the harder it is to break out. After using a combination of high-level runes, a very ordinary white equipment can be endowed with outstanding attributes, such as the famous "death" Breathing" and "Mystery".

Both of these systems require equipment with a certain number of holes to be filled with corresponding gems or runes to improve game characters. D2R focuses on the combination of runes in order, while POE focuses on the combination of active skill gems and passive skill gems. In addition, the maximum number of skill holes in POE equipment is also 6, and the holes must be connected to make the passive skill gems have an effect on the active skill gems, so as to strengthen the skills!

Transactions and Currencies

The currency unit in Diablo 2 Resurrected is gold coins, while in D2R, runes above 23# are used as transaction currency. A total of 23 currencies are used in POE, among which POE Chaos Orb and POE Exalted Orb are the main currencies in circulation.

Like Diablo 2, POE does not have an auction system like other games. Players must form a team to trade face-to-face online. In addition to selling on the trading channel and posting information on the bulletin board, the way to conclude the transaction can only be through methods outside the game, such as posting transaction information on the post bar, or posting the item in the warehouse store, and waiting for other players to see your item information. Contact you through the game to make a deal. This is very similar to the transaction method in the D2R mode. Communities and forums release transaction posts, and after the buyer replies and gets in touch, the transaction is completed on the game’s agreed channel.

Path of Exile Currencies

However, the 23 currencies of POE also have the function of changing the properties and quality of items. You can use the currency to make equipment with the attributes you need, and you can also use the currency to change the properties of items such as medicines and maps. For example, you can use a transmutation stone to turn a white item into a blue quality item, then use a transformation stone to randomly change the attribute vocabulary of a blue item, and finally you can use a regal stone to turn the item into a gold quality item. This use of currency allows us to strengthen ourselves in various ways.

POE is a creative game. We can see many features of Diablo 2. POE originated from Diablo and has its own system. The unique talent tree map and item Kongga skill gem system greatly improve the creativity of the gameplay in the game. This is what the game developers gave The creativity we show. The update of game versions one by one, and the production of batches of new builds (hereinafter referred to as bd), are the ideas of our exiles.

POE is also a difficult game. It doesn’t have a professional skill tree system. You can only choose the skill gems you need and light up your own talent points. Everything depends on you, starting from the beginning of the game. All the way to mastery of the game requires spending some time researching skill gems and talent points. Gradually, we will find the gap between ourselves and other great god-level players in talent selection and skill stone matching. In addition, the update of the game version has gradually weakened some brainless bds, making players feel that the difficulty of the game is also increasing with the version.

POE is a game full of games. In order to clear the difficult maps in the later stage, what character do you choose as the starting point of talents, how many talent points are used to achieve key talents, and how many survival talent points and output talent points are allocated among them. If the output points are allocated high, the natural survivability will decrease; your equipment Choose whether to use a large number of dark gold equipment with special effects but sacrifice basic attributes such as resistance, or choose golden equipment with strong basic attributes. This is also a game of survival and output; when you only have 1000 link stones, you Should I wait for enough 1,500 link stones and ask Master Assassin to help you equip the six-hole link, or use 1,000 link stones to equip and try your luck? This is still a game.

POE is a game for a while or a return to self. We went ashore alone and embarked on the Path of Exile. Although we have many comrades-in-arms, they traded with us, provided us with the equipment we needed, and helped us defeat the bosses we could not pass. But in the end, when we grow up and bd basically takes shape Yes, the boss in front of us has also become stronger. If we enter the battle together, the bd of many people is no longer enough to complete the game intensity when forming a team. So in the end, we still have to rely on our own strength to break through one level after another, stepping down one boss after another. Like when we go ashore, eventually we will find our own hiding place.

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