8 Forgotten Legendary Masters in Path of Exile

In Valkras, besides the exiles, there are also troublesome characters who were exiled for fighting against the tyranny of the gods, including the seven forgotten masters. These seven masters with outstanding expertise in different fields each have different skills and have learned how to survive in Varklas. They are Armor Master Haku, Undead Master Katarina, Weapon Master Vagan, and Knowledgeable Master El Raine, Assassin Master Varissi, Hunter Master Torah, and Cartographer Zana.

When the player meets the master for the first time, each master will give the player different exclusive tasks. After the player completes the task, the player can get the friendliness of the master, and obtain various skill stones, special equipment, professional Skills and unique hideouts. Players can also consume friendship points to buy decorations from the master to decorate the hideout. But beware, if the player "fires" the master, the current friendship will be cleared (level preserved).

8 Forgotten Legendary Masters in Path of Exile

  • Loremaster: El Raine

    The mission of the Loremaster El Raine is to protect the last remaining pure island. He will lead the player to wage a crusade to protect the holy relic from corrupt slaughterers. If the task is successful, El Raine can provide the player with a unique hiding place, and guide the player to make rings and amulets suitable for their own use.

  • Master of the Undead: Catalina

    Katarina is a master of the undead who regards death as an art, and her body is already a skeleton. She can purify the power of the undead, and fashion delicate and sharp sacrificial vessels into a monument. When the player successfully completes her commission, she will provide the player with an exclusive hideout. With her help, players can also improve the magical abilities of their weapons.

  • Armor Master: Haku

    Haku, the Armor Master, calls on players to stand up with him and stop the corruption's evil spree on the continent of Valkras. When the player cooperates with Harku to gather those previously fallen warriors and drive out the corruption, he will gain his trust. Likewise, Haku will provide unique hideouts that will enhance armor for players.

  • Hunting Master: Torah

    As a master hunter, Thora has always regarded it as his duty to destroy the corrupt vermin. Under her protection, Varklas was spared from the devouring of this plague. But she also needs the player's help. After winning Tola's favor, she will provide the player with a lair that can be used for recovery and rest, and teach hunting skills.

  • Master Assassin: Varissi

    Assassin Master Varissi is very good at watching monsters in the dark and taking them out. When the player chooses to be his ally, he will drive your enemies to despair. Completing Varisi's commission will win his favor. He will share the hiding place with players without reservation, and will also add gem slots to equipment, connect slots in series, and change the color of gem slots, so that the player's The secret of 100% skill completion.

  • Weapon Master: Vagan

    "Fighting is the only way to survive, and living is the only option!" Said the weapon master Vagan. He knows that on this ghost island, survival is the biggest challenge. As long as the player is willing to fight unreservedly like him, he will provide a place to rest and help the player strengthen their weapons with his super high forging skills.

  • Cartographer: Zana

    No one in Valkras is more familiar with the geography of the places than Cartographer Zana. With Zana's guidance, players will go deep into the lair of the nightmare army and eliminate these monsters. Zana's Favor will grant players a safe haven and access to uncharted, uncharted new worlds.

  • Competition Master: Leo

    To survive in Valkras, players need to constantly face different opponents in the arena. When players stand out from the crowd in the arena and stand at the top of the glory, the competition master Leo will assist players to build their weapons and equipment.

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