Path of Exile: Sharing ideas for getting started with Lightning Bolt

After going through the era of wasteland reclamation, most of the new Lightning Arrows are already omniscient and ready to make graduation outfits. My understanding of the game is like this, Path of Exile is half the fun in spawning monsters, and half the fun in the equipment system. That endless farm poe currency is a bit of a torment for me. So I personally like to spend time in the garden and play with some bosses to play the rest of the garden poe chaos orb that I disliked, so I started to learn how to make equipment, and went directly to the market to search for the most expensive equipment in the corresponding part to see his outfit ideas.

Path of Exile 2

1. The most basic outfit is to use the manor chaos orb to wash the 4 talent or 5 talent in the star cluster to wash the double special talent points and the abyss belt to wash the element percentage attack.

2. The over-installation of the attribute ring is to use the essence to point out dual attributes + life. This can be washed with some unused garden c.

3. Pursuit of graduation jewelry can buy split base with garden chaos orb wash.

4. Lucky attack chaos orb wash the star cluster to get 3 big points, without the garden I don't know how my large 8 talent star cluster with 3 special + 4 chaos resistance was washed out.

5. This season, the temple hand can be locked and washed with Gulingtong indefinitely. It is very stable and the Guling affix on the gloves greatly improves the lightning bolt.

6. Shoes are used to escape shoes. The Redeemer's Essence of Breaking the Space with Power points out some other entries. Because the power attribute is not in the original affix of the foundation, the dual attribute is not difficult and very comfortable, and then see if there is space in front of you. After the affix is locked, and then critically hit c, it will be critically dexterous, enchant a prefix to exclude miscellaneous items, Xiao Ai gambles her life to move speed, and finally enchant a life and you are done.

7. A lot of people should know how to do the basic blasting chest armor. It is still better to use fossils in C. Anyway, there are many methods and a lot of video materials.

8. Because the head does not have a very good power, the head can be washed with ancient knowledge, regardless of whether it is locked before or after. The cold knowledge head has a high point hit with an attack tag, you can try it with attack c, it is simulated At a glance, the probability of finding a perfect suffix is too low, and the header prefix seems to be useless, so use chaos chaos orb to attack chaos orb to wash out the headers with the following suffixes. Look for the best foundation, I personally like the pig noodles better than the nightmare.

9. The abyss belt of 86 objects is used for the belt, and the influence of the hunter is high. The hunter is noble and expensive, so you can use the abyss belt of other influences to use the garden to change the influence, depending on luck, you can save a little. Then you can use the fossil to point it, or you can use the lucky life chaos orb to wash it, just wash the double life belt, and the suffix can also be used to chase the dream agility percentage.

10. There is no good solution for quiver at present. It can only be said that the suffix crit tag of quiver is more. The problem is that adding 1 arrow can only depend on luck. Do.

11. The potion can also be washed with Garden C. For example, Defense chaos orb can wash the evasion affix.

12. The front and back of the monster garden and the front and back are very useful. Use it more, don't be afraid, and come back when it's a big deal. Chimera can be used in some high-investment times, such as when crit chaos orb locks and locks smart shoes.

13. The ring can give too much improvement, and the labels are complicated. It is not recommended to use the essence. It is best to follow the fate. If you do not pursue a graduated cinnabar ring, you can search and lock a high-attribute split ring, and then use it casually. The essence is to stabilize 100 attributes + can hit some other affixes.

14. When making rings and belts, remember to use catalysts. For example, when making hunter belts, you can use life catalysts. You can use life attributes on the rings. Generally, use attributes. After all, the big head of attributes depends on the ring.

15. For bows, I recommend Rogge to take it slow, which is also fun, or just use money to clear the way, split +2 bows with massive essence and then make suffixes, there are many ways to do it, and I don’t need to be ugly here!

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