Inventory of those embarrassing loves in Path of Exile

Although May 20th and 21st are not legal holidays, their special meaning is self-evident. On this special day, let Mr. Cat take you to take a look at the embarrassing events in the Path of Exile . love story.

The story of Morville and Dereso can be said to be the most well-known and most talked about plot by players. At the end of the first chapter of the map, we can learn from the reading material in "The Grudge" The tip of the iceberg for this story. Morville's autobiography depicts the image of a resentful woman who was desperately waiting for her husband's return, but was finally abandoned. It seems that it was all Dereso's fault. But found that things are not so simple.

There is no doubt about Dereso's love for Morville. It is precisely because of Morville's existence that he inspired a strong fighting spirit and fighting spirit in the crisis of life and death, and finally won a strong enemy and won Oria Feop. The highest honor of the Ross Arena, became the "King of Swords", and presented a precious necklace said to be handed down from the ancient Vaal Empire to Morville, and proposed on the spot.

However, the problem lies in this necklace - the necklace called "The Star of Valkras" is indeed a real treasure, but it is also a cursed thaumaturgical poe items . It has a mysterious power to deceive people. Wei Er's singing is more moving and sweet, but it also gradually transformed her into an inhuman monster... that is, a sea monster.

Dereso, who discovered the abnormal situation of his beloved wife, was naturally extremely shocked. He searched every corner of Oriath, but could not find a way to remove the curse. In the end, he decided to go to Valkras, the birthplace of thaumaturgy. land. Although Valkras at this time has been turned into a desolate wasteland in the great changes, but for his lover, Dreso resolutely embarked on the journey.

But Mo Weier couldn't understand what Dereso did. She stubbornly believed that her husband's departure was a betrayal of herself, that she had completely abandoned herself because of the mutation in her body. It turned into a demon spirit in the sea, drifted along the currents of the Oriath Sea, and finally inhabited a remote cave in the southern part of the Empire Land Territory - the "Cave of Wrath".

Since then, Lion's Eye Watch began to spread the story of the siren: the song of the siren would lure sailors, let them drive the ship to the shoal, and eventually form a phantom ship tomb full of wreckage and undead. If this story ends here, there will be more and more wreckage in the tomb of the phantom ship, and the lonely Kraken will poison more exiles... However, all this will be changed by the arrival of the player.

Compared with the resentful and misunderstood love between Dreso and Morville, the story between Malacay and Mrs. Dara is even grander. Although it is also full of betrayal and misunderstanding, the one that impressed Mr. Cat the most was the one. The sacrifice and dedication of Malacay. As the chief thaumaturgist of the Eternal Empire, Malacay was highly appreciated by the then emperor Chetus the Great, and even his own concubine could easily reward him - a concubine named "Dara" and Malacay like this. Kay gets acquainted.

At that time, I used to be one of the emperor's favorite concubines, but Chetus favored many people. The tower of theocratic power was filled with beauties from his harem. After a period of time, he replaced a new batch of new ones. The girls who please him become the lord's wife and the general's wife, and the girls who don't please him... become the experimental subjects of the thaumaturgist.

I talked too much and asked too many difficult questions, so I went to Malacay's laboratory. Malacay was in a dilemma at the time. For Mrs. Dara, she was nothing more than the number of Chetus the Great. One of the ten favorite concubines, but at this time has become a "thing" experiment of a great thaumaturgist? Or something; and for Malacay, when he saw Dara, he fell in love with this beauty as much as he loved thaumaturgy.

The Eternal Empire at that time was proud of "embedding ancient gemstones into the body and transforming it into an apostle of ancient spirits", and Malacay, a great thaumaturgist, was a master at transforming apostles. He inlaid Madame Dara's spine with A powerful ancient gemstone, Dara is also known as the "Queen of Gems".

The power of the ancient gemstone has allowed Mrs. Dara to survive the "dramatic change" for hundreds of years, while still maintaining the vitality of youth. When the leaders of the Palace of Rulers have changed for several generations, her skin Still full of elasticity... But the fact of immortality can't dispel the stagnation in her heart - that is the "betrayal" from the beloved Malacay.

For Malacay, installation and creation are his treasures, and I can't even touch it. His betrayal at that time was that he wanted me to sacrifice his life while saying that he loved me. And his betrayal this time is Let me suffer and wither! Malachai, am I your only flawed product? Yes, that's me; the sinful creation of Jewel Queen Darla Malachai.

Embracing her resentment against Malacay, Mrs. Dara sacrificed the ancient gemstone that kept her young forever, and the gemstone spine that made her famous, and turned it into the energy that drives the world-breaking device, ruthlessly. A hole large enough to pass through was opened in the body of the evil beast, and her wish was to let the exiles get into the body of the evil beast, and then completely destroy Malakai in the core of the evil beast. However, when we really entered the body of the evil beast and were about to face Malaka who was manipulated by the evil beast, we realized that the truth was probably more complicated than we imagined.

Time goes back to the time of the Eternal Empire's Pure War, the fall of the Great Emperor Chetus, the army of the Holy See under the leadership of Fauer to break through the imperial capital Sarn, the Perands family was forced to surrender to the new emperor Fauer, as the cause of this war. The direct reason for this, the concept of thaumaturgy will be eliminated by the Holy See.

Path of Exile

Chapter 2 Westwood Bulletin Board - Derry's Death

The two masters of thaumaturgy under the command of Maracay, Dre and Maregro, have been ordered to be executed. Maracay, who has witnessed all this, knows his own destiny well - but the only thing he can't worry about is his own. Lover, Mrs Dara. As a member of the ultimate creation of thaumaturgy-Gling's Apostles, Lady Dala will be persecuted by Fauer, so Malacay decides to use a big lie to create a survivable world line for Lady Dala - even At the cost of destroying the Eternal Empire.

With the lie that "I can help you end thaumaturgy forever", Malacay has won years of lingering time at the hands of Emperor Fall, during which time he has built the rift device and activated the rift. At the last moment of the world device, he "betrayed" Mrs. Dara.

A moment later, a great change came to the continent of Valkras, and the empire was destroyed. The thaumaturgical creation, Mrs. Dara, who was about to be executed after the ceremony of splitting the world, survived the chaos and stood alone in the Sunshine Temple, standing by herself and her horse. Rakai's old memories...

Just entering the third chapter scene, in the ruins on the outskirts of Sarn City, we can meet the girl who was bound by the Wuqi guards - a girl named Karlisa. After a brief conversation we were able to learn that Carlysa's boyfriend Tolman was captured by our old enemy, the thaumaturist Patty from Oriath, and when we finally found him at the stake, he had been brutally Patty was tortured to death.

After death, Tolman was transformed into an unconscious zombie under the power of corruption, and was carefully guarded by Carlisa in chains, and in the eighth chapter, we were able to receive Carlysa's task, she I hope to use the ancient thaumaturgical props - the eternal cross to recall Tolman's consciousness.

Path of Exile you helped me once, can you please help me again? My hope is in the east, in a sealed box at the transit dock - the eternal cross of Veluso the Great. That is Veluso Sho was placed there at the beginning of the empire. If the legend is correct, that cross has the power to control life and death...provided that the corresponding Azmori ceremony must be held. I already know the procedure of the ceremony. Only I need the Eternal Cross to bring Tolman back to life.

After reading three negative cases, was there any success in showing affection to the end of the plot in the Path of exile 2 ? The answer is of course - in the Palace of the Rulers in Chapters 4 and 9, there is a couple NPCs who are giving out dog food all the time: Petalus and Fuanjia, even the names are linked together.

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