Diablo 2 Resurrected-Single-Pure Civilian Shield Hit the Red Door

The game I played 20 years ago has a resurrected version, and I can't help feeling that thousands of years have been wasted. Thanks to Diablo 2 for growing up with me. I read a lot of posts on the Internet, all of them are Paladins wearing some "high-quality dark gold equipment" to go to the red door. I feel that these dark gold equipment is really difficult to brush out, especially when everyone has limited time. All the "single-player versions" are introduced here, because everything is not a problem under the Internet - you can get some top-quality equipment by looking for a leader or material exchange.

Foreword Outline

If you practice Paladin, the ultimate goal is to clear the red door, then it is recommended to "/players 8" (8pp) in the early stage, that is, in the game interface, press the Enter key, and then enter "/players 8", the game will prompt "players set to 8" such prompt information. In this case, the enemy's blood volume is 8 times the original, and the experience value of killing the enemy is 4.5 times the original.

Don't go to the "bad brush" place to level up. Generally, it is the Holy Knight of the Hammer of Blessing. After upgrading to level 85-88, reset the skill points and turn the shield completely. In this case, it is not recommended to go to "kill Baal in the fifth act of hell", because the second wave of enemies is "magic attack invalid". It is recommended that you kill Diablo in the fourth act of hell. Because there are many monsters, you rarely encounter electric ghosts, so it is relatively easy to kill.

It is recommended to brush to level 75 or above in Nightmare under 8pp. Then make a "mystery" and fly all the way in hell (personally, at level 77, entering the difficulty of hell, it takes about 90 minutes to clear the first to fifth acts of hell, and I didn't die once (fight hell three times) Barbarian, save load once -- this is a way to avoid losing experience by dying: that is, when you see that you have no blood and don't want to die, you can quickly press the esc key, select save and exit, and then re-flash this part is fine).

Dark gold equipment is really not easy to brush, it is best to use rune words instead. Because under a single machine, by saving the archive file Dafa, you can quickly collect runes 1-33, and you can reuse them! If you have a key, you can copy it indefinitely. Then it's best to let the wizard take the younger brothers to kill three mobs (of course, the shield can also go - because it takes time to train a wizard alone). After you get three tokens, you can put them in the shared cabinet. Archive. Then let Ding Ding kill Super Mephisto, Super Baal and Super Diablo 2 Resurrected over and over again.

Inside the Red Gate, only Super Mephisto's Level 20 Judgment Halo has considerable lethality. The other Super Baal and Super Diablo, the two are relatively rubbish, have no problem together. Need to "steal life". It is best to make the rune language of "shield of exile". The base material is really not important. Any white or invisible shield without holes can be punched through the box with four holes. (Before punching, save it, and then punch, if it is not four holes, overwrite the current archive file, and repe at punching until four holes appear). Grip of Drogula, I don't feel good about brushing. And let the female mage go to hell in the third act, the lower layer, the city and the upper layer turn over the weapon racks, and soon it is possible to get a white or invisible knight-specific shield. Because "exile" can automatically restore the "durability" of equipment within x seconds, so this invisible does not matter.

Crush - the best rune is "forced". It is recommended to use ancient dragon skin and gray tomb shroud as the base material for basic strength requirements. This saves points, adds life or agility. Tear wounds, like crushing. Attack speed, it is best to increase the attack speed, such as orange gloves, this can be used to "upgrade" blue gloves through specific rune words. I have done it about 10 times (or, before the upgrade, save the archive file separately, and then synthesize it, ok, put it in the shared cabinet, and then use the old archive file to overwrite the current new one --- just proceed to the next iteration. ). I ended up with a glove with a 20% attack speed boost and 10% crush. It is necessary to comprehensively improve the four defenses - it is recommended to take the rune word "Silence". Can add +2 skills, and +75% of the fourth resistance.

Pure Civilian Shield Hit the Red Door 1

Take a look at all the equipment when I brushed the red door:

1. The main weapon, "Silence", is made with a battle axe, with six holes punched through a box (described later):

Silence, plus +2 skills, and +75 four resistances, this axe, the attack speed can be increased by 20%, and then the accuracy rate is added, the most important thing is "all resistances +75", this is too needed.

2. The main shield, "exile", when I was looking through boxes and equipment racks, I was lucky. I got an invisible small shield, and then punched a hole in the box, so I made a relatively high-end exile. The most important thing about this shield is "15% chance to cast level 5 lifesteal - the one from the Wizarding Society". I did not find the initial addition of the four antibodies. This small shield initially had a defense of around 240. After it was made into exile, it reached a defense of 838. After opening the holy shield, the block rate reached 75%. You can see that it says "Repair 1 durability every four seconds" - this is from the Runewords, not the base material. So the exile is done, and the Red Gate is more than half successful. In addition, you can see that this equipment requires only 76 strength!

Compared with the power of 156 required by the "Monarch Shield", it is simply too close to the people. Because of other characters, in order to make a "spirit shield", 4 holes are needed on the monarch shield. Too unfriendly to female mages or wizards. It made everyone add a lot of power to the female mage or wizard. Because Enigma, an artifact that can +60 or more power, requires level 65. It can only be before level 65, first add strength, and then have a mystery, and then reset the points of the female mage or wizard.

3. Hat, this one I chose a rubbish thing, that is, add 30% hit recovery, and add some resistance. The so-called CB head, the Ernst and Young one (with 35% crushed green gear), I don't have time to brush. In fact, basically many helmets are fine, but there is really nothing. It's okay to make a three-hole garbage helmet and embed three No. 22s, which can add a total of 45% of the four antibodies.

4. Necklace, I simply brushed Mephisto a few times, and it gave me a "Saracen chance" with 24 IVs. I felt lucky. If you don't have this, take one that increases the fourth resistance, increases blood or blue, or increases the attack speed. Saracen's chance necklace, +12 all attributes, +24 four resistance, feels good.

5. Clothes, I chose the "Force" rune: Clothes, Force, Pressurize and tear wounds. This is because I didn't pay attention to the level of strength required in the early stage, and the "steel wire fur armor" is used here. The strength required is 111, which is a bit high, but it's okay. This can only be tangible. It can be seen that there is a 15% chance of smashing (the blood of the big boss will be deducted proportionally, but it is a bit pitiful that in the later stage, when the blood bar of the big boss is only about 5%, it will actually take a long time for a shield.), and 33 % chance of causing an open wound, this also provides a certain amount of four antibodies. very nice.

6. For the two rings, I chose "Dwarf Star" and "Crow's Frost": Dwarf Star Ring, which absorbs damage and fire damage. Crow's Frost, it can't be frozen, and it doesn't matter if the dwarves can't brush it. The key is that the Crow's Frost cannot be frozen. This is really needed. Otherwise, it will be frozen, and the attack speed will basically not be guaranteed. If there is no attack speed, it will be difficult to suck blood through the shield attack. Sister An who can play hell several times, or a model worker. Maybe all equipment, the most dependent on "fate", is this Crow's Frost. Others can be obtained through "routines".

7. Shoes, I chose the one with the crushing function: the crushing shoes are better than the Flesh Rider, which floats on water. Those are the best ones. Of course, ordinary speed-up shoes, plus any of the four defenses, will do. This shoe, because there is no running speed, is really "the slowest boy in the whole street" in the city. If you are outside the city, because there is a "charge attack", the speed and transmission are actually similar.

8. Belt, in fact, my belt is also garbage. Damage reduction belt, with a certain hit recovery, I just value the "damage reduction by 14%". No four defenses, no tearing wounds or anything like that. . . If you are interested, you can actually use the box to make an orange laceration belt.

9. Gloves, I used a box to synthesize an orange one: my own synthetic orange crushing gloves, and +20% attack speed. The base material is going to bet on the equipment, and I got it, the blue "Vampire Skeleton Gloves". Then use the No. 4 rune, add the perfect red gem, and any jewelry to synthesize. I did it about 10 times. The advantage of this is that it adds 20% attack speed and 10% crushing! Stealing 2% of life here is useless for the ultimate boss.

10. The off-hand weapon, I used the "Transformation Blade" to make a "Call of War". Mainly used for shouting blood: war call, shouting blood. This one adds Battle Command, Battle Order, and Battle Roar. I mainly use the first two. Before the shield, shout it, it's cool.

11. The shield of the deputy, the base material I actually use, is the one that I used for "exile" just now. Ha ha. A simple copy. Then get a mental shield. Because this is invisible, so just add some skill points when yelling. Not used during combat. The invisible spiritual shield is mainly used for adding skill points, when shouting blood.

My attributes and bonus points: strength 110, agility 130, physical strength 280, energy 15. In fact, the agility is a little higher. . . And then lead to a little low physical fitness. The final energy (blued) is not added at all. The agility of the character is higher.

Four antibodies

The four antibodies are:

Fire: +292%, Electricity: +302%, Cold: +242%, Poison: +229%.

In the red door, there are many fire and electricity ghosts, but I don't pay much attention to cold and poison.

  • Four anti-flame
  • Four anti-shock
  • Four anti-cold
  • Four anti-toxins

Attack speed, smash and tear wounds

In terms of advanced attributes, the attack speed is only increased by 40%

Advanced attributes, 33% open wounds, and 50% crushed, can not be considered high

The increased attack speed is actually not that high. The crush is only 50%, and the laceration is 33%.

These indicators are really the poor peasants among the common people.

Skill Points

In terms of skills, it mainly relies on shield strikes, as well as holy shields: skills - plus shield strikes, holy shields, and several passing skills. Passing skills are +1, and then, shield strike and holy shield are +20. Showing 25 is a bonus from equipment with five points. Then the "fanatic" point is full: mainly rely on fanaticism, and watch others play double hot before. I did a bit of it, but the equipment didn't work, and I hated slashing. Just at level 30, on normal difficulty, decisively wash the Holy Knight of the Hammer for Blessing.

At present, it is the shield obtained from the second wash point. However, before the second wash, the archive files were kept, so you can play Red Gate and Blessing Hammer at the same time. These are basically useless, so just forget about them. The above resistance and divine protection, when I was actually fighting, I didn't even think about using it. Therefore, the 30 points added above are actually useless.

How to quickly synthesize all runes No. 1-33 (note that this is the "stand-alone version", not online)

First of all, let's go to the countess several times. The setting of running runes every time is really good for players like me who don't have enough time. Personally suggest to let the female mage to brush the equipment, you need a female mage. Of course, if you have the conditions for a high-level female mage, you can go to the Countess of Hell and swipe it with the key. So, if it is really difficult to fight, you can mainly brush nightmares, in fact, it also loses a lot of high-level runes.

I beat the Countess of Hell once and dropped me two keys at one time. Personally, the countess is the easiest to drop by brushing keys on a single machine, about 50 times, and it can give more than 5-10. Then the Hell Summoner, the probability is lower, about 50 times, it is good to give 3. Then there is Hell Nilasek. The probability is about 1/35. There is still hope for 1-2 in 50 times, but it is really difficult to brush.

All right. Back to the topic, first of all, the save file of your single machine is in:

Pure Civilian Shield Hit the Red Door 2

That is, under Users, under your own username, the folder savedgames. There are several folders that I copied by myself. Dry copy-paste, with this, you can actually copy all kinds of artifacts, money, runes, gems, etc. infinitely.

  • The first step, copy the folder, or click into it, copy one of your characters:

    Pure Civilian Shield Hit the Red Door 3

    For a character, there are at most 8 or so files with the same prefix, and copy them to other places on the hard disk.

  • Step 2: Then, enter the game and put the equipment, runes, etc. on this character into the shared cabinet.
  • Step 3: Exit the game.
  • Step 4: Then copy the old files to this folder (overwrite the original files).
  • Step 5: Open the game again, so that you still have the equipment in the shared cabinet.

In this way, you can continue to put the contents in the shared cabinet on yourself, then exit and save the archive file again. Then start the game, put 2 of the same things on your body into the shared cabinet, and then exit the game again. Use the file you just saved for the second time to overwrite the file of the character in the above folder (note, don't copy-paste the entire folder, just one character is fine). Then, you have four of the same things.

So, it's exponential, 1-2-4-8-16.

You said, what rune, you can't figure it out? A few days ago, I watched a video of a video game uncle in 1982 on youtube. He always said that high-level runes could not be produced on a single machine. I am embarrassed. . . It takes a few hours to do runes on a single machine. This is when your hands are slow and you only have very low-level runes at the primary level. .

Because of low-level runes, high-level runes are synthesized from boxes, not only the same runes, but also some gems, broken, broken, gems, flawless, and so on. This low-level gem can be obtained by brushing the normal difficulty cattle farm. After brushing about 3 to 5 times, you will get almost all low-level gems of all colors. If it's flawless, you'll need Nightmare or Hell difficulty to find it. Usually 3 to 5 times. All the required gems are collected - the core is that as long as we have the first one of this kind of thing, it is equivalent to having 2 to the nth power.

Then, when you've got 33 kinds of runes, you can put all these gems on one character. Then save the character's archive file. This way you can reset it every time you run out. So as to ensure that you do not lack all the D2R runes in the stand-alone version!

I started with about 20 runes, and in about 2 hours, I got 33 runes. If you are looking for the countess on a stand-alone machine, you don't need this copy-paste method, then it is "alive", because to synthesize high-level runes, you need 2 to 3 low-level runes, from 1 to 33, you need an exponential level. of. We counter this with an exponentially other copy-paste, which makes sense.

With runes, you basically have the equipment above. Sometimes the substrate is really hard to find. The so-called "rune is so good, the substrate is hard to find". Because it is generally an invisible substrate, it is used by Uncle Yoneyama. And then for personal use, I think it is the best equipment, and I think it has low power requirements. A lot of times, it is expensive to spend a little time. With the substrate, it can be used if you do it. Instead of pursuing the ultimate, it is easy to relax and enjoy.

Mercenaries and equipment

Can't remember if it was from a nightmare or just normal. Shown here is plus defense. But I seem to have had it, the holy ice of nightmares, when it arrives in hell, it shows that it is still defensive. I paired him with a very general "Insight" to give me back blue, and then wore a tangible fortitude. Then, I only chose Tal Rasha for the helmet, and forgot to add a No. 22 and a four-antibody. Make do with the handle, anyway, inside the Red Gate, he basically depends on the placeholder, whether it hangs in seconds or can last a few minutes, it can only depend on fate.

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