Path of Exile Getting Started Guide 2: POE Currency

Currency refers to another name for "currency in circulation". That is, it plays a general equivalent role in the process of commodity production and commodity circulation. There is no universal currency like gold coins in other games in Path of Exile, instead it is replaced by a functional equivalent of "bartering". The unique financial system of the game is also a bright spot full of original flavor and characteristics, so today this article will take you to understand the various currencies in the game.


1. Currency overview

POE Currency


Here is an example of the classification layout of the official currency warehouse page:


First of all, we first divide the currency into two categories: quality currency and non-quality currency. As the name implies, quality currency can improve the quality of poe items and props;


The second is non-quality currency. Before introducing non-quality currency, we must first understand a concept: that is, all currencies in "Path of Exile" are for DIY items.


2. The value of currency


After understanding the classification of currency, let's look at the value of currency. Generally speaking, the value of currency will be determined according to its rarity, functionality, demand and output rate. Among them, quality currency is very cheap because of its large output and cannot be regarded as a general settlement currency. Therefore, among the non-quality currencies, two currencies with a relatively stable production rate and strong functionality have become the main settlement currencies, namely Chaos Orb (C) and Exalted Orb (E).


Chaos Orbs is similar to one-yuan banknotes and is used for regular settlements, such as ordinary equipment transactions and small currency conversion. Sublime Stones are similar to hundred-yuan bills and are used for high-end item transactions, such as graduation-level items, shopping mall items, and large-value transactions.


In quality currencies, the value order is roughly as follows: (from high to low in descending order)


1. Jeweler's prism 2. Box rock 3. Drawing nail 4. Glass marble 5. Sharpening stone 6. Armor piece


Catalysts are not included in the list because they are seasonal products. Among non-quality currencies, the value order is roughly as follows: (from high to low in descending order)


1. Callander's Mirror

It is extremely rare. If the sublime stone is a hundred-yuan bill, then Callander’s Mirror is a suite in the second ring road of Beijing.


2. Exalted Orb

The main settlement currency in the middle and late stages of the game, the necessary currency for the production of top-quality equipment, the strategic position is approximately equal to the gold reserve, and the value is high and stable


3. Sacred Stone

Because of its functionality and output rate, its value is slightly higher than other non-quality currencies, and it is necessary for making equipment (except European Emperor)


4. Stripping stone

Pioneer currency, because of its output and functionality, the price is higher, lower than the sacred stone, a must-have when making graduation equipment


5. Chaos Orb

The basic settlement unit of the currency system in the game, you can understand the market trend through the exchange rate of the sublime stone: chaos orb.


6. Other Currencies

There are too many non-quality currencies, and the price fluctuates greatly, and some are not collected at all, so I won’t mention it here for the time being.


The currency system of Path of Exile Currency is a bit hard-core, but if you go deeper into it, you will find that this slightly primitive trading method has a different kind of charm. It and other features of "Path of Exile" support one A unique gaming community and environment.

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