Path of Exile Extra Story 4: Lone Wolf Mode

I thought I could write everything in this game, but I went to play the Lone Wolf mode this season and wanted to write something again. This article is about the analysis of the experience of the lone wolf and the analysis of the manor game this season, so this is the story of the combination of the wolf and the farmer.

Lone Wolf Mode


1. Changes in the values of Lone Wolf


In the Lone Wolf mode, you cannot form a team or trade. Everything depends on yourself, that is, you can only brush and brush. Earlier, I always thought that this game would be impossible to play if there was no trade, because the dropped objects were extremely large, and it was trading that made many things valuable, and it was the root of the sense of playing treasure. If there was no trade, wouldn’t it mean that the sense of playing treasure would be lost? Up? The experience of this season proved me wrong. I was wrong. Not only did I feel like playing treasures, it was even more comfortable than when I had a deal (I will explain why I used the word "comfort" later). The main reason I was wrong was that I did not properly assess the impact of several changes:

If there is no transaction, there will be no market, and there will be no market value. All values are only related to the use value of things.

Many things that can be bought in large quantities in the market can only be dropped or purchased from NPC, mainly currency and various fragments

Don’t care about the ease after the market

Changes in the goals of each gameplay

Manor gameplay brings goals and experience rhythm filling

Analyze one by one below. But first of all, I have to clarify a premise. This is my experience as a player who knows this game very well. How novices can play is not within the scope of the analysis below.


2. The sense of playing treasure that can be used


When there is a transaction, people who have a better understanding of the market will look forward to the emergence of ultra-high-value items in the process of scouring, or consider how to squeeze the currency fastest to maximize their own interests, and for things with slightly lower value The sense of expectation will be much weaker. Over time, I will only stare at the top-level content. Updating equipment is also to save money as much as possible and change it in one step, or it is also a transitional equipment that can be used for a long time. Basically, I don’t want to spend a lot of money to change something that has not improved much, or just staring at the market to pick up the leaks.

Under the Lone Wolf rule, it's another game entirely. According to my own records, at level 87, at the beginning of the season 4-5 days, basically every available yellow outfit that is dropped will be picked up for identification, and replaced if it can be used. Two more days later, at level 92, after the equipment is better, he will still pick up accessories, shoes, and hands for identification. As long as it is better than what you wear, you can change it, and you will feel that you have hit something good. This process continues until the equipment is basically formed, and then you don't pay attention to the yellow outfit that fell on the ground. The same is true for creating experiences. As long as you create something better than the current one, use it and you will feel successful in creating it. When there is a transaction, it is much more complicated. This is analyzed in detail in the sense of ease. In this process, the frequency of equipment iterations is much higher than when there is a transaction, and the frequency of use of builds is also much higher.

On the other hand, some things that have little value when there is a transaction will become very precious because of their use value. For example, I need two threshold jewels to play Frost Blade BD this season, and there is basically no market value, so you can buy it casually or even casually. Lai Val, but I have not been able to obtain it in the Lone Wolf suit, making this jewelry valuable in my eyes, and I was really happy when I finally got it. Including the bear's head that took 10 days to come out, the belly of the beast that fell out of the box during mining, and the dark gold claws needed to change from the impact of ice to the blade of frost, they all have a good feeling when they fall out.


3. The accumulated sense of playing treasure


Since it is no longer possible to buy poe currency from the market, the currency that needs to be used in large quantities, such as craftsman stone, chain stone, transformation stone, etc., must be collected one by one. At first I felt that this process would be very painful, like chain stones, where there are often hundreds of points that do not make 6 consecutive points, I don't know how long it will take to save, but the actual situation is far better than I expected.

First of all, it is hard to think about transforming the stone, because too few lofty stones are dropped, and the road of transforming the rich and the masters is basically not thought about, that is, if you have it, use this level, and basically the manor is built to fill it. This part of the experience. Artisan stones and chain stones are indeed lacking in the early stage, but there are dozens of artisan stones (6 hole equipment can be exchanged with NPC for 7 artisans), plus You can exchange 4 artisan stones for 1 chain stone in the NPC, so that the accumulation of these two things is not as slow as expected. After I clicked a 6th company, I didn't miss it again. Even when I changed the BD, I needed to click the second 6th company, because I hadn't used it for a while before, and the accumulated amount was enough to directly click the 6th company.

In the process of currency accumulation, the experience of currency drop gradually declines. In terms of accumulated quantity, from the very short of the beginning, the slowly enough and occasional shortage in the middle, to the final surplus state, the corresponding currency drop experience is from very excited, to just a little sensation, and then to the end, there is no sensation. Inertia picked up. Most currencies go through this entire process, and only the few currencies that have dropped the least remain in the first stage until the end, such as Chaos Stone, Sublime Stone, and Sacred Stone. This not only guarantees the sense of progress and satisfaction when the currency is accumulated, but also does not feel that all the currency falls in the end, and when there is a transaction, basically buy it when it is lacking, and finally convert it into the lack of currency. , The whole process did not have such a clear feeling.


4. A relaxed sense of playing treasure


Except for the season that didn't know anything, this time playing Lone Wolf was the easiest time. There are several reasons for this ease:

No need to hurry up. The previous season just started, crazy rushing, the sooner many things came out, the higher the price would be. There were also many things that were bought earlier and cheaper, and you could also resell things that would definitely increase in price behind the point. The Lone Wolf doesn't care at all, just play slowly. The only external progress pressure is the Lone Wolf leaderboard. It doesn't matter if you don't care.

You don't need to worry about the market price, and you don't have to worry about whether your items are sold. In the past, I turned to the market and web market every day, looking for things that I could use everywhere, and when I found something, I had to evaluate whether the thing was worth the price. It may take longer to do this every day than to scan the picture, so I hang it on the market page. Every day I think about selling things and not selling them, so I just open them and take a look at them. If the things have not been sold, they will be a little anxious. Of course, they will be very happy when they are sold. I don't need to think about these things in Lone Wolf, and I feel a lot easier in my head.

No need to think about what others need. This is related to the previous point, and it is also related to the drop crafting mentioned above. In the past, assessing the value of a thing was based on everyone's needs. You may not need it yourself, but if others need it, you can sell the price. Whether it's a drop or a build, you have to think about it in order to complete more transactions and accumulate currency faster, but at the same time you want to play better, and the amount of information you need to understand is extremely scary. Every time I drop something, I think about whether it’s worth it. I don’t know whether it’s worth it. I don’t know whether it’s worth it. Sometimes I’m too lazy to check it, but I don’t check it and I always wonder if I’m in a loss. It’s a bit irritating. Irritable. After the lone wolf, there is no need to think about these things, so feel relieved to finish things for yourself.

Without these things, some good experiences are indeed missing. The most important thing is that the pleasure of trading and accumulating wealth is gone, but the whole person is a lot easier when playing. Personally, I prefer this relaxing experience. In addition, although there are fewer things to consider in this part, there are more things to consider in other places, such as how to brush.


5. The content that can be brushed has "increased"


Each season of the path of exile will eventually enter the core loop, making the content of the current gameplay extremely huge, and except for the season gameplay of the current season, it is a bit hard for everyone to deepen the game. Most players are trying to find the fastest way to make money. They keep swiping and don't care about everything else. Even if there is something in need, just buy it. As far as I have learned, although everyone may have different routes, they are basically concentrated in a few gameplays, not all of them. After the Lone Wolf, this situation has changed a bit. The consideration is no longer how much the things dropped in the gameplay are worth, but whether the things I need are dropped in the gameplay. In this way, as long as there is a need in the gameplay, you have to clean it. For example, if I need the Temple of the Demon this season, I have to clean the rift of Tovo. It took 4 times to get out. The season has passed about 20 days. , For example, mining can stably gain experience and poe currency, and can also unlock some convenient crafts, and so on. The whole BD is set up, basically every gameplay has something needed, plus some benefits from the gameplay itself, so I am playing basically all the gameplay this season, although each progress is not fast, but the addition of other worlds And the manor, basically the goal is coherent. The experience of the alien world is also slightly different, because the map cannot be traded, and the use of the alien mechanism will have a greater effect on the progress of the alien world, which can be regarded as a further reward for knowledge.

However, the last very important reason that made me feel that the Lone Wolf experience is good this season is the gameplay of the manor this season.


6. Do-it-yourself manor with adequate clothing and food


According to the producer of Path of Exile, Chris, the manor season is to verify the impact of craftsmanship. From my own experience, the impact is very large, which directly improves the experience of the lone wolf to a higher level. First analyze the basic manor logic:

A random number of seeds can be obtained for each picture, and the seeds are divided into 3 types, ranging from 1-3 seeds each time. Each type of seed needs to be planted in the corresponding field and mature after a certain life cycle. A life cycle is to obtain a seed in a new image.

Energy and technology can be obtained when seeds are harvested, and the use of technology requires energy consumption.

In summary, a batch of craftsmanship will be obtained regularly, which can be used to build equipment. The basic craft is the directional currency effect, such as the chaotic stone's re-random yellow affix, plus a physical/3 element/chaos/attack/cast/life/defense affix. This makes the creation more directional. Combined with the affix library, there are many ways to build equipment. I have used the manor craftsmanship to create several swords and claws for my own use this season. I have iterated many times, and there are several other equipment on my body. It is also created in this way. Regardless of the building itself, even if there is only this basic loop in the gameplay of the manor, it also fills the rhythm of the game. Every 4 pictures have a batch of building opportunities, and the 3 types can also stagger the time (because the number and types of seeds are random Yes, the time is basically unstable), the rhythm will be more compact, coupled with the other content before, the whole process can be said to have something to do and always have a goal, the experience is very good.

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