Path of Exile Getting Started Guide 3: Terminology

Many new players who join "Path of Exile" will definitely be at a loss for the terminology in the world channel. I will try my best to explain some of the commonly used terms of the old players. This article will continue to add.

POE Skills Guide



Since trading information posted on the world channel will be automatically recognized and transferred to the trading channel, and most players in the trading channel will choose to block, so the old players are transferred to the channel in order to avoid speaking, and they have many strange nicknames for the poe currency:

Exalted Orb: E for short, also known as big face

Chaos Orb: referred to as C, also known as small face, west, wonton

Unknown Destiny Card: After using it, you will get a random destiny card, also known as scratch off

Callander’s Mirror: also known as the mirror, the testimony of the chief European Emperor of "Path of Exile"

Various scarabs: due to their functions, they are also called demon hunters (demon hunters), oil bugs (sulfite scarabs), etc.



The equipment in the game naturally has various nicknames:

Endless Clothes Simple robe: commonly known as white robe, six consecutive white hole legendary breastplates, novice wastelander artifact

Indigo Crown Ring of the Spirit Lord: commonly known as the diaper head, the core equipment of many BDs

Gunm's lofty ambitions Battleplate of Glory: commonly known as the Great Blood Armor, +500 maximum life, but no slots

Devoto’s Helm of Faith Nightmare Helm: Commonly known as Mercury Head, increased movement speed by 20%, Mercury Claw Mark

Azri’s Promise Amethyst Potion: Commonly known as Queen’s Water, it is limited to drop by Queen Val, but it is not valuable

Balanced Talisman Black Glory Amulet: Commonly known as the Hundred Genus Chain, the main attribute is to increase all attributes by up to 100 points, BD core equipment


Alien Map

T17: The plasticizer, also known as the father-in-law, needs to use the pieces dropped by the four plastic guards (phoenix, tauren, chimera, and hydra) to enter

Elder: A world-breaker, you need to use the fragments dropped by the four world-breaking guards (Purification, Annihilation, Enslavement, and Restraint) to enter

T18: The ultimate elder, father-in-law + elder double boss, need to use T17 and the fragments dropped by the elder to enter

T19: New challenges in the S10 season. The ultimate boss is Sirus the Realm Enlightened. You need to complete 4 power challenges to enter

Red Gate/Red Gate Queen: Refers to a special challenge map opened through four different Vaal fragments, also known as the lower queen

Green Door/Queen of Green Door: Refers to a special challenge map unlocked through four different temptation abyss fragments, also known as the upper queen

Battle of the Fourth Armies/Five Armies: Refers to the special challenge map opened by the marks of the four/five legions, and drops the legion jewels

After a battle of the four armies, the map instrument will unlock the fifth slot

Marshal: refers to the Palace of Marshals on the legendary map. The challenge is relatively difficult. Only some BDs can be played

Cats, spiders, birds, and crabs: Four demon hunting leaders, who need to use the captured special monsters in the monster garden to draw pictures. Boss are the four first-timers

Safe House: A staged boss map of the Syndicate Brotherhood, unlocked by collecting intelligence from various departments

Main brain/breast: Refers to the final boss map of the Syndicate Brotherhood, usually unlocked after completing several safe houses

Abyssal Boss: Refers to the boss who has a chance to encounter by entering the abyss of despair in the battle of the abyss, and drops the legend of the abyss

Temple/Temple rooms: Refers to the map of the temple entered through NPC Alva, including special rooms such as double tile rooms and gem rooms

Brain layer: refers to the special map with [Remote Memories], which drops the limited items of the Synthetic Alliance/Memorial Season



Team: A team of up to 6 people. Usually the team has a clear purpose, such as:

Demon Hunting Convoy: Players in the car need to hand in a certain number of demon hunting insects and maps to the captain (front of the car). After driving, the front of the car will quickly swipe the map to catch the monsters.

Oil truck: The player who gets on the truck needs to hand in a certain number of sulfite bugs and maps to the captain (the front of the car). After driving, the front of the car will quickly swipe the map to mine.

Experience car: generally brush various rifts and pioneer maps, the driving method is the same as above

Experience baby: Because after "Path of Exile" team up, there will be a 50% global drop rate bonus for every additional person

Therefore, the role of the experience baby is to hang up after entering the picture, acting as a humanoid explosion rate booster. Of course, low-level players can also get a lot of experience.


Equipment production

Watt: Refers to using Vaal Orbs to corrupt the target item

Double tile: Refers to the second level of corruption of uncorrupted equipment through the temple’s Level 3 Corruption Room. If you are lucky, you can get two Corruption base affixes.

Multi-Master: Refers to the term "Multi-Master Craft", which costs 2 lofty stones. Crafts can be unlocked on the special map Pale Council

Fossil: refers to the use of a combination of specific fossil + resonator to directional manufacturing equipment


Unit of measurement

One group: the maximum stacking quantity per square of the path of exile currency, for example, 10 chaotic stones/group

One pack: As the name suggests, a whole backpack (not counting Krypton unlocked backpack), a total of 5X12=60 cells

When calculating a pack, you need to include the group, for example, a pack of Chaos Stone=10X60=600

Doors: Each time you use a different world map or a special map, there will be up to 6 portals. The door refers to the remaining number of portals. 1 door means 1 time


BD articles

First, explain what BD means. BD is the abbreviation of Build, which specifically refers to character building-talent point method, collocation of equipment jewelry skill stones, etc.

Thousand-strength zombie: refers to the witch-sublimation necromancer, summoning system, zombie refers to the "summon demon guard" skill, the core equipment is the baron face helmet, after a thousand power attributes, it can provide higher survival by summoning creatures to suck blood At the same time, the upper limit of HP and the shield are increased through the Star Shaper’s gloves and the temple breastplate. At the same time, because of the helmet, the power attribute will be superimposed on the summoned creature, so the damage of the summoned creature is also very considerable. "The damage is still high at the same time."

Whirlwind Slash: refers to the construction with the 34-level agility skill "Whirlwind Slash" as the core. Most professions are duels. There are multiple BD options for sublimation (execution, champion, thug, etc.). Weapon genres include two-handed swords and dual-wield one-handed. sword.

Landmines: refers to the genre centered on high-explosive landmines and other landmine support skills. You can use landmines to cast spells. Since multiple landmines can be thrown at once, they can produce powerful spell stacking effects. Popular genres include arc and glacier thorn. Sky Thunder Pearl (Sky Thunder), Fire Scrap Mine.

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