Path of Exile Getting Started Guide 1: Game Flow

1. Season


Take the current S10 season as an example. Each season of "Path of Exile" has its own theme. For example, S10 is "Alien Cataclysm". The theme includes the new gameplay of the entire season: Alien and Cataclysm. The gameplay can be experienced during the game. What we want to popularize here is the season mechanism of "Path of Exile". Generally speaking, each season will last for 3 months. At the end of the second month, the flashback season will be opened. The flashback season and the latest season share the new version of the content, but there are some special mechanisms. Say it again.


After the season is over, all the characters in the current season will be merged into the permanent zone, including equipment, level, warehouse, etc. When the new season opens, if players want to experience the latest version of the season, they also need to create a new season character. Therefore, if you are new to the pit, the recommended season is to enter the pit. Even if you are unlucky, the role will be transferred at the end of the season. In the permanent zone, there is another situation without loss, and that is God's bestowment.

Game Flow


2、Level / plot


In the game, the level is closely related to the strength of the role, mainly reflected in the talent point. Character building, commonly known as BD, requires a lot of talent points to shape, so the first thing we need to do is... Upgrade! And it's an efficient upgrade.


There are 10 chapters of the main line (A1 ~ A10) and the plot of the final chapter. Generally speaking, "over the plot" refers to over the A10, the final chapter belongs to the advanced challenge (for example, this season's T19 against Cyrus). Generally speaking, after the A10, the player's general level is in the range of 65 ~ 75. Because the national service features can be washed before level 70, players can change their BD at this stage. If they accidentally exceed level 70, they can use the demotion book (sold to the store's 1x knowledge scroll + 1x recast stone) to reduce to level 70, Of course, don't use this method if you go beyond too many levels. Experience is not worth it, and regret stone is not expensive. What should I do after level 70? Of course, to improve your BD, the first thing you need to do is to run all the imperial trials. If you haven't opened the transmission point of the tester square before, you can enter at Camp A3 / A8. After entering, you will find a sublimation trial activation device in front of the trial gate. The ultimate imperial trial needs to enter the alien map, complete six pre trials, and spend 1 goddess sacrifice to enter.


Generally speaking, others will directly open the portal at the entrance of the trial. You just need to run the trial. As for how to know what trial is left X and right x, and how to see the position of the trial on the trial copper, I don't need to say more about this. Every time we finish a sublimation test, the reward and enchantment given to novices are second, and the most important thing is sublimation points. In order to highlight the importance, let's put it another way - transfer points.


After the first sublimation trial, you can unlock three different sublimation classes according to the role. These sublimation classes are the core of BD. each sublimation talent is extremely powerful and can change the existence of the game experience. Players can get a total of 8 sublimation points, so the earlier you finish, the better. By the way, the recommended level on the trial device is the monster level. Some of the more powerful bd70 levels can push the final trial, so if you can finish it early, you can't do it. If you give the ticket to the boss, it's nothing.


3、Alien map


In the game, press the G key to open the alien atlas. The area with color on the map is the new content added in the S10 season. Because the whole alien atlas has been revised, let's talk about the more basic.


The first is the level of the map. Starting from level 67, every time the monster level is increased, the map level will be increased by one level. For example, the map of level 68 is called T1 map. At present, the maximum monster level of the conventional map is level 83, that is, T16 map. Further up are some special maps that need to be activated with map fragments:


T17: the shaper, also known as father-in-law, needs to enter with pieces dropped by four shaper guards (undead bird, tauren, chimera, Hydra). Elder: splitters need to enter with fragments dropped by four splitters (Jingshi, annihilation, enslavement and restraint).

T18: Ultimate elder, father-in-law + elder double boss, need to use T17 and elder falling fragments to enter.

T19: the new challenge of S10 season, the ultimate boss for all sectors of the sense of heros, need to complete four power challenges to enter.


Secondly, there is the problem of maps. When a lot of budding new comers enter the alien world, it's very easy to brush and break the map. In fact, this is due to the fact that the number of maps in the guide is not enough, which leads to the failure to increase the probability of dropping higher level alien maps.

In the path to exile, it's usually

T1-t5 maps are called white maps

The graph of T6-T10 is called yellow graph

The graph of t11-t16 is called red graph


If you complete the extra target of the current level map, you will increase the drop probability of the advanced map by 1%, and the white map can be completed in the magic quality (blue quality, take a transmutation stone to click); Yellow map in rare quality (gold quality, take a touchstone point) can be completed; The red map can be completed by decaying the rare quality (touchstone + valbao pearl point, depending on luck, sometimes other maps). It should be noted that this increase of higher-level map drop rate refers to the basic drop rate. According to the drop rules path of exile currency, ordinary monsters in the current alien map copy will drop maps of less than or equal to the current level.


Magic monsters will drop maps less than or equal to the current level + 1 (for example, T1 drops T2), rare and legendary monsters will drop maps less than or equal to the current level + 2 (for example, T1 drops T3), so only brushing small monsters will not produce advanced maps.

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