A Lo rune is a high rune which can be socketed into equipment in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Although Lo is not the rarest rune, it is among the most valuable in ladder play, due to its use in popular ladder-only rune words such as Fortitude and Grief. An Lo rune increases the item's level requirement to 59, unless it was already higher.


28-LoLo(Number 28)
Clvl Required 59

Weapon: 20% Chance of Deadly Strike
Armor/Helm/Shield: +5 to Max. Resist Lightning

The Act 2 (H) Good treasure class has a chance to drop a Lo rune, as do higher Good treasure classes. In single-player, open or ladder games only, the Horadric Cube can transmute two Ohm runes and one normal diamond into one Lo rune.

Lo runes are used in ten rune words.

  • Hand of Justice 'SurChamAmnLo' weapon
  • Ice 'AmnShaelJahLo' missile weapon (ladder only)
  • Doom 'HelOhmUmLoCham' axe, polearm or hammer
  • Dragon 'SurLoSol' body armor or off-hand armor (ladder only)
  • Fortitude 'ElSolDolLo' weapon or body armor (ladder only)
  • Brand 'JahLoMalGul' missile weapon (ladder only)
  • Destruction 'VexLoBerJahKo' polearm or sword (ladder only)
  • Grief 'EthTirLoMalRal' sword or axe (ladder only)
  • Pride 'ChamSurIoLo' polearm (ladder only)
  • Phoenix 'VexVexLoJah' weapon or off-hand armor (ladder only)

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