Path of Exile S15 Fatal Greed Plot 5-6 Chapters Play Raiders

Path of Exile Fatal Greed Plot 5-6 Chapters

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The Raiders Chapter 1-4: Path of Exile S15 Fatal Greed Plot 1-4 Chapters Play Raiders

Chapter 5 the skills of avalius, the high court of the holy temple. When he summons a large aperture to shoot a long light, he will also directly collide with the players, trying to knock them off. Hehe, hehe, which players can easily be knocked off, I can't avoid it. He will also summon two big stone men. The stone man moves slowly. The key point is that the full screen light ball is not easy to evade and is easy to be hit, And the full screen light ball is hiding by the summoned stone man.

I have measured that the stone man who can be summoned by the stone pillar and the boss himself can evade the full screen light ball skill. After the boss changes into death light wave skill, please avoid it in circles. The best way to play is to lead the boss to the stone man or stone pillar, which is convenient to hide skills, but also to play boss at the same time. Suggest shoes with acceleration, or blink skills like frost flash.

In the first half of Chapter 5, the boss chittaff sometimes calls a bunch of younger brothers, and any player also calls a bunch of younger brothers. If you fight each other, you can set fire by the way. Pay attention to your position and don't be surrounded by monsters. The boss can sweep a piece with his big hand. When sweeping, you can use the displacement skill to get away from the back. Don't stand the stake to avoid the boss's hammer. Half way through the boss's fight, it turns into a story. After walking through the control area, it enters Chapter 6.

Path of Exile Fatal Greed Plot 1-4 Chapters


Chapter 6 abelas at the prison gate, why does boss always like to get in close contact with players? Use displacement skills to avoid boss collision, and jump strike. When you jump up, pay attention to displacement. When you hit the boss, remember to stack up the fire resistance. It's not a big problem. Boss calls a large number of meteorite stones and remember to walk.

The last chapter 6 boss is the king of the deep sea. This boss is too easy to fight. Just keep away from the tide. When the tide is high, run to the back of the boss and hide. When exporting, don't hit the boss in the front, but kill him in a few times. Remember to make up ice resistance when fighting the boss. It's easy to fight.

First of all, in the aspect of talent, those who play with spirit body will point out the plus 1 spirit body undead harmonies, while the other undead harmonies and the undead pact, if they are pure summoning, should also point out. Because I don't play pure summoning myself, I will omit these two skills. With durable contracts, invincible army and undead summoning, summoning creatures will not easily die. Except for boss, those who don't like spirit operation and only play with magic statues will point to the commander of magic statues. If they want to use zombies and other summoning objects, they will point to undead harmonies. Fat Tuan has no point of their own. I mainly play the magic image of professional sublimation is the priority of the magic image, this is the element of the sublimation panel.

The sublimation panel of pure summoning is here. First, summon creature damage and life, and then point the dark controller and skeleton barrier. Pantheon chooses ice free and physical damage reduction. The equipment hasn't been written because I haven't reached level 70. I can't see the equipment, and it's not easy to copy other up masters directly. If other entry-level friends want to see the equipment, open the recommendation of bulud on the WG platform, and you can see the hero list of this season. Here are more intuitive equipment and star cluster jewels, and you can see what equipment and jewels the ranking bosses use.

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Path of Exile S15 Fatal Greed Plot 1-4 Chapters Play Raiders
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