The Q&A about how to make money in Path of Exile S15 season

Since the International Service opened the unlimited panoramic service on the first day, it was said that after five days, the group income was around $300, which is very good. International clothing has reached the lofty height of youth. In other states, the price of the chromatic orb is 1C, and the volume is as high as 6-7C, which is almost the highest record in the history of POE. The price of Chaos orbs and Exalted orb is also very strong. On the sixth day, there is still about $3 for the exalted orbs, and it has been the most powerful one recently.

Path of Exile Orbs


Regarding the issue of income, many of my friends privately wrote to me and questioned me.

First of all, the income is not high. Actually, there is nothing to say. It is normal for any industry to have high and low. It is normal that you can get the same income by doing the same thing. We don’t have much fun, and the income is still better than the big guy No more.

To like is to question those who must be charged too high, thinking that it is some friends who have never played POE or just played POE.

The release path is different from other games. It can even be said that a person who only has a "profitable" life span of about ten days is quite normal, which is higher than the single-day income of some senior care games.

Taking the international service as an example, the cheap poe exalted orb is about $12 on the first day of service, and on the fifth day it is only $3. The goods are worthless. No matter how hard you work, you will not be able to get to it.

The stable path of exile also thinks that it is only $20-$30 per day, but the new ones are slightly higher in the first few days, so there is no need to think that everyone has a good income and follow the overall theory. It is now a first echelon month. The income is still okay, the second tier is more difficult, and there is no advantage compared to other old games.

One of the popular money-grabbing routines in S15 America is withered tombs. The withered tombs are a little bit larger. At the same time, the basic rewards of the map have been increased, and the overall increase is considered. There are a lot of imported international clothes, and the gold holy armor is as high as 30C, which is never before the bug.

How to make better money in the S15 season, please visit my last article: How to make money in the Path of Exile S15 season.

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