Path of Exile Chapter 1: What is the Talent Tree

The first time I came into contact with this path of exile was four years ago. I was originally a big fan of Diablo 2. Diablo 3 was also played when the Asian server first came out. I liked this kind of game very much, and then I saw it. Lu's publicity, that big talent tree, wow-I like it. At that time, there was no national service. He was playing Taiwanese with an accelerator and his name was Exile Emancipation. Entering the game, this is indeed very dark, the atmosphere, feel, and various systems are worthy of the promotion of the Diablo 2 "Orthodox" sequel.

What is the Talent Tree


But, who will tell me what to do with this talent?


1. Possibly the most difficult talent system to get started

For me who just entered the game, the logic is like this:

My favorite in Diablo 2 is Amazon who uses a bow. Diablo 3 is also a demon hunter with a dual-handed crossbow, so I chose the Ranger because it seems to be able to use a bow;

The starting point of the ranger is to start, and of course it is to find the output talent, little by little, and then at the fork;

What is this all about? Where should I go? What are these attributes for?

Study for a long time, find the circle of bow talent, and slowly click there.

At the end of the first stage, at least one route was found, although it was later proved to be a wrong point method. However, as far as I know, many people have already closed the game at this step, even after seeing the talent tree for the first time. Obviously, this experience is so turbulent that it takes a lot of time to understand and even force players back. Where is the problem?

First, it showed too many possibilities when it first came up. For the most hardcore players, such a huge talent tree will make them extremely excited to invest in research, but for most players, I am afraid that the sense of powerlessness that is difficult to control and the sense of collapse of information explosion will be the main feelings. .

Second, it is difficult to understand the meaning of each possibility. The talent basically covers most of the mechanics of the game. Players who have just entered the game, even the old players in the dark, may not be able to immediately understand what some mechanisms are used for.

So if new players come in, if the first number is to point their talents, 90% of them will be directly discarded. If it is more appropriate to point, I can only say that the talents are extraordinary and IQ. The problem of the talent tree can be said to represent the problems of all the systems of the road of exile. It is too difficult to get started. Without checking the strategy and asking people, I played with it for a long time and found that I didn't understand anything.

My first number played more than 60 levels and couldn’t play it anymore. It died after two steps and couldn’t beat the monster. I was forced to check the strategy and practiced a new number before playing it normally. But later because When I get busy, I put it down. Until last September, for some reason, I started to play again and I was very addicted. The game also had a national server. This time I have previous experience and I didn’t feel very strenuous. I copied the homework against the strategy and slowly understood the mechanism. Until now, finally I know how to order this talent tree, and I also understand the fun of this talent tree.


2. What is this talent tree for?

How do old players play this talent tree now? Open the pob and start the simulation... Although it is strange to say that you have to simulate the game outside the game and then play the game, it is indeed the most efficient way. It is understandable that everyone will do this. Let’s analyze it. the reason.

The nature of the gameplay of this type of system is actually the same, that is, planning how to use limited resources. For the path of exile, it is how to put all the talent points on the talent tree to get the maximum benefit. Disassemble this sentence:

All talent points are limited resources, so getting more talent points is what the player will pursue, that is, leveling;

Click on the talent tree. The talent tree itself has some restrictions, such as the starting point, such as the distribution of various contents, such as the connected path, and understanding these restrictions is what the player needs to do;

To get the maximum benefit, then you need to know what the maximum benefit is.

Looking backwards, let's first look at what is the biggest benefit. The biggest benefit is simply to make the character the strongest, so the player needs to understand what abilities the character needs. Here is roughly divided into two parts: output and survival. You need to decide which mechanism your character needs to use and how to accumulate attributes according to the skills you choose and the sublimation profession you want to play, so as to achieve the effect of output explosion and not easy to die. . After all are determined, what talent can provide:

The mechanism itself, including sublimation talents, various major talents, and special effects provided by some medium talents;

Most of the attributes are available, but the specific number of attributes is not balanced. Some attributes are very talented, and some are not much.

At this point, you basically know what you want to get on the talent tree, and the following is how to get what you want.

Simply speaking, the structure of the talent tree can be divided into two parts, one is the distribution of talents, and the other is the route between talents. To get the best results, it is obviously to use the shortest route as much as possible to point out the route with the highest profit. For example, it should include all the required mechanic talents, as many useful middle talents as possible, and as few small transition talents as possible. For the player, he needs to know where the main talents are, have a general understanding of what talents will pass through on the route, and know the common waypoints in each block, basically he can click on his own I have come up with a decent talent, and the latter is basically to tinker with the details, or I want to change the mechanism and overhaul it. At this level, it can be said that you can enjoy the fun of this huge talent tree. It is a strong sense of accomplishment to complete a set of excellent point methods, but the learning process is very, very long and requires a lot of energy to be invested. Study and memorize these things. I'm afraid it will be difficult to do this without two or three seasons.

Finally, the acquisition of talent points, there is nothing to say, at least it has nothing to do with the talent tree itself, leveling is a big topic in this game, let's talk about it later.

Going back to the problem mentioned at the beginning, because the finished version may take some very magical routes, or it may be completely unexpected at the beginning. It is the highest benefit when combined with the effects of other places. It is impossible to know without simulating the final effect. It’s the best choice, so it’s the best choice to simulate the entire account before playing. In addition, there is a cost to modify talent, and it is not low, which is also one of the reasons for this phenomenon. It's not very good to evaluate whether this is right or wrong. The game ecology is already like this, and players seem to accept it, and I have to say that pobs are also very fun.


3, play some dismantling

The play points involved in this talent tree are disassembled as follows:

Learning of gifted content

Learning the talent tree route

Evaluation and comparison of the effects of different routes, including route length and overall benefits

Understanding of the overall mechanism of the game


The last point should be said to be the basis of the previous three points, and all gameplay will have this requirement, so in terms of the gameplay itself, the number of points involved is not much. But as far as the first three points are concerned, the depth is very deep, and there are many magical operations (most of which are focused on the use of jewelry). This should be regarded as a major feature of the road of exile, but you have to learn slowly , The threshold is high.

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