Path of Exile Chapter 3: Complex Equipment System

As a spiritual sequel to Diablo 2, Path of Exile retains the basic parts of Diablo 2’s equipment system, including the concept of equipment rarity, affix structure, synthesis formula, etc., and slightly more advanced content, including gem holes, rune language and The suits were not retained, but a more complicated set of things was designed. When discussing with friends, we all believed that the path of exile currency was the early game skills, the mid-term game talent, and the later game equipment. The main reason was that the equipment was too complicated compared to the first two content. Let's analyze the design ideas of the equipment to see where the complexity is.

Complex Equipment System


1. The general basic idea of players playing equipment


Let's put aside the appearance part, just look at the attributes. The simplest idea is to change what equipment is good. A very common design is equipment scoring. The high-scoring brainless replacement is just fine. The more complicated thing is to look at the attributes of the equipment, whether it has the attributes you need, if it is better than the attributes you need, so you can change it. This kind of thinking requires players to know what attributes they need. It can be very simple. For example, there are only offensive and defensive equipment on the equipment, which is easy to compare. It can also be very complicated. There are many attributes and various special contents. The path of exile belongs to the level of complexity in complexity. First of all, knowing what attributes you want is already a more complicated thing. The analysis has been done in the previous chapter, and then let's take a look at the content of the equipment.


2. Rare equipment affixes that are more excessive than Diablo 2


Like Diablo 2, there can be up to 6 affixes on a piece of rare equipment (hereinafter referred to as yellow outfit), of which 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes. The affixes that will appear in each part are all designed. For example, weapons are mainly to increase offense. The affix of ability, the breastplate is mainly the affix of defensive ability, etc. The slight difference is that the path of exile is complicated and relatively difficult to understand, so the number of affixes and the cost of understanding are higher. In addition, the affixes also have requirements for the item level of the equipment, and only the equipment that meets the level requirements will appear the corresponding affix or high-level affix. For players who have not played the Diablo series in depth, these things are difficult to know, because there is no description of these rules in the game, and there is no database of affixes, all relying on external data stations, and the affix database follows The update of the season is still expanding. The idea here is similar to the expansion of the mechanism. The players continue to try new content and expand the BD library, which is indeed in line with their design ideas, but I personally think that the amount of content is a bit too large, and it is a bit tired to play.


Three, gambling can be addictive yellow costume creation


One of the greatest features of Path of Exile is currency. Using currency can change various parameters of various items. Among them, using currency to change equipment affixes and attributes is equipment creation. I have always felt that the people who designed this thing should have been lazy at first, roughly that we should put everything we can into a currency, so let's try it. Some items on a piece of equipment include:


Basic attributes, such as the armor dodge energy shield on the armor, the damage crit rate and attack speed on the weapon.

Quality, originally only available for weapons and armor, can increase the basic attributes, this season has increased the quality of accessories, not to go into details.

Rarity: common, magic, rare, legendary (for ease of understanding, hereinafter referred to as white, blue, yellow and legend)

Base affixes, such as the resistance life magic on the top of the ring, etc. Most affix values have random ranges.

Random affixes are the prefixes and suffixes mentioned above. There are no random affixes for white outfits, up to 2 random affixes for blue outfits (1 before and 1 after), and up to 6 random affixes for yellow outfit (3 before and 3 after). Most affix values have random ranges.

Skill gem hole, I'll talk about it in the next chapter.

So what is the basic poe currency:


Sharpening stones, armor pieces, glass marbles: increase the quality of weapons, armors, and potions.

Blessing Stone: Change the random value of the base affix once.

Metamorphosis Stone: Turn white items into blue items, with random number and content of affixes.

Modification Stone: Reset the affix of the blue item once, the number and content of the affix are random.

Amplifier Stone: Add an affix to the blue item, the content is random.

Alchemy Stone: Turn white items into yellow items, with random number and content of affixes.

Chaos Orbs: Reset the affix of the yellow item once, the number and content of the affix are random, and at least 3 affixes.

Exalted Orbs: Add an affix to the yellow item with random content.

Regal Stone: Turn blue items into yellow items, add an affix, and the content is random.

Chance Stone: Randomly change white items into other rarity items.

Recast Stone: Turn blue and yellow items into white items, and remove all random affixes.

Sacred Stone: Change the random value of all random affixes once.

Craftsman Stone, Symphony Stone, Link Stone: Currency related to skill gem holes, I'll talk about it in the next chapter.


To summarize, increase the quality, change the rarity of items, reset random affixes, increase random affixes, re-randomize the random value of the affixes, and then turn these operations in various situations into a currency. These are the foundations poe currency.


Except for a few cases, everyone wants the yellow outfit with the most affixes (if not legendary). Then just look at the basic currency, white outfitgoldenchaos, and you can continue to wash the affixes, although this makes good equipment The probability of is horribly low, because the affix library is huge and the weight of some high-level affixes is extremely low, and the drop rate of these two currencies is not high and cannot be used in large quantities. The so-called equipment building is to find a way to get the yellow outfits you want with the lowest cost currency. With the update of the seasons, there are more and more special currencies, and the craftsmanship created by the masters from the beginning to the present , This building does not seem to be a system, but it is already very, very complicated.


And because all the results about currency are random, they are actually gambling. For example, there are thousands of tens of thousands of transforming stones with one use, low-cost and high-frequency gambling, and often the desired affixes but other The affixes are not good, or they are all the desired affixes but the level is not high enough. At this time, the feeling of unwillingness will be very strong. The expectation will be very high next time. It is completely the same as the card game drawing. But there is no guarantee here, so the wrong way (that is, the probability of the desired affix is very low) can easily become a bottomless pit. People who wash their equipment and ruin their fortune can see it on the World Channel every day. I have done it myself, but still I want to continue washing, because I always feel that I can wash it out a few more times, and I can't stop it.


In addition, there is a magical currency called the Val Orb. This is the ultimate step to build a piece of equipment, of course, because after using the Vaal Orb, the equipment will become corrupted, and all the affixes can no longer be changed. The results of using Vaal Orbs are also random, including completely unchanged, all random affixes are changed, the color of a random number of skill gem holes becomes white, and the result everyone wants-the base affix becomes Vaal affix, the number is 1 or 2. . Vaal affixes also have an affix library, and there are different libraries according to different equipment parts, and most of them are relatively powerful, so the best equipment must have a good random affix, if you make a good Vaal affix for the base Var, you can say It's the best equipment, but the probability...especially the probability of Vaal producing two useful Vaal affixes is outrageously low. I haven't even made two Vaal affixes by myself, let alone useful. And since Val’s equipment can’t be changed anymore, if it fails, it’s worthless. The cost is as high as you want. Val’s high-value equipment is very exciting, and it’s a bit unbearable. This should be regarded as the craziest way to bet on equipment at a time in this game. If you are not a veteran, please don't consider this way of playing.


Fourth, the legendary equipment that will never be remembered


The reason is simple, and there are too many! And it's still increasing, each season will add 5-10 pieces, and now there are hundreds of pieces, it is too difficult to remember. But I don't know whether to say lucky or unfortunately, most of the legendary equipment is useless, and yes, it is useless. There are two types that are not used for eggs:


The value is too low, and some low-level equipment can still be leveled and transitioned, but it is absolutely useless in the later stage. There are also a bunch of equipment that was very strong in the past and was scrapped. Most of them belong to this kind, because the foundation is divided into grades. First, the legendary equipment value of the low-level foundation cannot be given high. Unless the mechanical affix is very powerful, it is basically useless. Second, it is very strong in the past. It is also understandable for players to play other content. The mechanism is too weird, I don’t know what it is, I don’t know how to use it, some even to the point where I don’t understand what it means, and then I understand it and I still don’t know how to use it.


A useful legend can be said to be the opposite of the above two points. If the value is good enough for the mechanism, it is naturally useful, and the value is naturally much higher. After all, most of this legendary equipment has a very low drop rate or is very difficult to satisfy. The conditions for obtaining these equipments will be very happy whether they are used for their own use or sold.


In terms of specific ideas, legendary equipment either has a very special mechanism, which was mentioned in the previous chapter, and will not be repeated here; or it is to break through the restrictions of some yellow outfit random affixes, such as keen thinking soles are agile but will increase 150 energy shield, plus 500 blood big blood armor but no skill gem hole.


However, as mentioned earlier, the yellow outfit affix library is constantly expanding, and some legendary equipment affixes can also be washed out on the yellow outfit. For example, the conqueror affix opened this season has many such designs. It’s not very clear how they plan in the future. According to their usual style, I don’t care about this kind of thing. I’m not surprised that they are all provided to the players for the players to choose. It doesn’t matter if they are more complicated. Sometimes I feel tired with so much content when I'm content.

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