Brief introduction Dual Flame Totem Build Guide of Path of Exile

As a Path of Exile beginner, you'll have played with a melee character, then perhaps a ranged combat character. The logical next step after those may be a caster, but that's when tons of casual players become apprehensive as magic characters usually have tons less health to balance out the tremendous offensive capabilities. this is often something that require not be tough as playing casters can definitely make your gameplay experience much richer. you'll start by playing this Dual Flame Totem build that's built for the Witch, Templar, and even Marauder.

After the Aristocratic Sublimation version 3.0 of Path of Exile was completely reworked, the aristocratic class changed from the sewer profession in the original version to a useful career choice. It can be said to be rebirth. Although he did not become the son of a version like the drug man mob, the assassin's changes to sublimation caused the nobles to have good adaptability to almost all crit BDs. With the totem flow gameplay of the previous nobles, and the double flame totem BD mixed after the crit, you will never think of the effect.

This build may be a good way for beginners to find out more about playing casters in Path of Exile thanks to needing less currency to take a position relative to its strength compared to other builds. Flame Totems require nothing quite 4-link Path of Exile items to start out racking abreast of the damage, although it still helps to possess 5 and 6-linked items if you'll actually find any along the way. However, if you're a veteran player who has never played this build before, fear not because it is additionally fitted to the more experienced; it's challenging and interesting enough to fit your discerning gameplay tastes.

  • 1. There is no complicated skill mechanism, plug and go, the favorite of newcomers and lazy people.
  • 2. The cost is low, and a large number of mass-produced dark gold equipment is used, and there is almost no possibility of being stocked.
  • 3. Although there is no strong survival mechanism in the case of low cost, but relying on the counterfeit full block and the low blue amount MoM that is better than nothing, and the totem long-distance taunt mechanism of small star cluster jewelry, let us both from the picture and the attack In a very safe position
  • 4. I think the best part of this BD can open up wasteland. I think that the comfort of land reclamation is the most important factor for novices not to persuade them to leave.

Dual Flame Totem Build Guides


If you wish many fire and totems that do the work for you, then you'll certainly like this build. it's viable for both softcore and hardcore play because it is one among those simple but elegant builds that combine power with easy-to-understand design. it's one among those balanced builds that mixes plenty of damage with a high level of survivability with many health, armor endurance charges, life regeneration, and a defensive Cast When Damage Taken gem setup, which should help with those frantic mobs of enemies that tend to overwhelm the unprepared and therefore the unexperienced.

Of course, Blood Magic is employed during this build to a high degree because of the deep health pool. For your primary active skill, it's Flame Totem linked with Faster Casting, Fire Penetration, Faster Projectiles, Added Chaos Damage, and Iron Will. the primary three support gems are the foremost crucial ones, with the opposite two being there just to require it a touch further. you'll have another 4-link with Flammability, Vaal Haste, Herald of Thunder, and Increased Duration for added damage and utility.

Everything else you've got should lean more towards defense, namely Enduring Cry, Cast When Damage Taken, Immortal Call, and Increased Duration. you'd want to level Cast When Damage Taken quite bit, so get one as soon as you'll . If you would like to be a boss hunter, you'll need Flame Totem, Culling Strike, and Increased POE Items Rarity. This Culling Totem kills bosses faster by casting it when the boss has low life, while the Increased Item Rarity allows you to recover loot.

Once you understand what you've got to travel for, you'll find this build to be a joy to play and level. While you'll argue that there are more spectacular builds in Path of Exile, few are as casual friendly and yet so good as this one. It's just like the people's caster integrate the sport , which is certainly an honest thing.

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