The Atlas of Worlds is Path of Exile's end-game map system. The Atlas may be a series of linked maps that players can progress through after completing a search for Officer Kirac. it's explored and discovered by running maps within the Map Device at a player's hideout. The Atlas of Worlds may be a visualization of the dream worlds that are opened by activating maps, indicating how these worlds are linked. The player starts at one among four starting maps within the center of the Atlas. These tier 1 maps start dropping on Act 8. Players can find new maps in adjacent, connected maps within the Atlas.


Sextants are used on Watchstones to feature a special modifier to all or any the maps on the region where the Watchstone is socketed. Sextants last for 3 maps, and multiple Watchstones with sextant modifiers can stack. POE Currency are often applied to those maps within the same way as a daily map, and adding fragments or scarabs alongside the map will enhance the map further.

Path of Exile Atlas of Worlds Expansion
Path of exile expansion, Atlas of Worlds, and therefore the accompanying essence challenge league. Here are the ten things that basically stood out on behalf of me when speaking with him, from new content to performance improvements. So, let's talk maps. 1. The expansion has an end-game focus. Chris ...
27/08/2020 12:53 PM
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