The currency history of the game is talked from the path of exile 1

We are still as usual, from a game to discuss a topic. The game that brought topics called exile. This game has been officially released, which is a separate network Diablo Too game for Diablo Diablochiki development. Simply, it is a super-immunized power to enhanced the darkness of the Diablo. The player collects equipment, blame, drop the treasure, customs clearance, and then opens the next difficulty. But there is a little to make this game and Dark series, and all other online games are different. This game has a player trading system, but there is no money in the system.

Yes, you didn't see it wrong, I said it is not "there is money in this game system, but there is no trading system", but there is no money in this game system. There is no copper coins, gold coins, silver and two things in the game. No game coins are not RMB and US dollars, the whole game has no money, there is no single sales that can circulate!

Path of Exile Currency


What do you have to trade without money? If you are an old dark 2 player, then you will definitely laugh. Diablo 2 is a game with gold coins, but the gold coin inside is too small because it is too much to get too much. As a result, players discover the Jordan Rings (SOJ), Treasure Hook (7% MF Small Charm) for transactions, using these volume small fossils with low-value, high-value, other equipment. This is a classic monetary form. Many old players will talk about the trade on the Dark War online when they talk about the economic system ... but no matter what to say, Diablo 2 is still rich, and this player's homemade currency system is also fluctuating It is huge and unstable.

In PoE, they designed a very interesting system: they designed monetary systems that consist of up to 23 consumers that can be exchanged to each other. Within this system, almost every currency props have its practical use, accounting for an important location in the equipment building system, which does not face prices for huge fluctuations and currency props like the price equipment inside D2. Deposition. The game props selling system also has a similar design: as long as the player accumulates a certain amount, the type and combination of equipment is sold to the store, the corresponding currency props can be obtained as a stable supply source. More interesting is that this currency props system naturally built-in taxation system: the exchange between the two currency props has a potential loss.

The above expression is more abstract, I combined with the value of the PoE game's current version to briefly describe this currency cycle system. The most important consumable equipment in the game can be divided into three cycles: a loop for improving the rally grade of the item (Rarity) and the magic attribute strip of improving items, which is white, blue, gold; another cycle improvement items The number of holes and connection conditions of the upper gemstone inlaid; the third cycle improves the basic numerical quality of the item (the current version is 20% upper limit), and the three systems are connected through the store redemption system in the game. The store's trading is compliant with a redemption table, and there is a big difference between the trading.

The structure of this poe currency table is a bit complicated, and it is reminiscent of the official currency exchange table of Venice in the legend, and there are also dozens of currency exchanges to Venice Dukat. Time is not interested in playing this game, you can skip them like the formulas that skip the scientific books - if you play this game, you will come back to this official and unofficial exchange table. This currency system has several very interesting places:

If you want to save, you must start from 1 piece of white to create equipment quality to reach 20%, otherwise you can't recover your minimum cost, users need to keep currency to ensure that the advanced currency he put is not completely lost. Drop.

The most advanced currency can only be able to pay high costs by creating a high cost, and the invisible encourages money consumption.


Equipment / Currency props produce a lot of losses in purchase and exchange, this loss ratio and natural drop rate have an amazing difference, encourage players to trade currency props. We can imagine that there may be a auction between players' currency props in the later versions, which has a few quantities in the technical difficulty of D3. Do you think of casting a coin tax?

Identification and return to the city are compared to the high dark series, in order to control the money supply. If the player has no game skills, it is not enough to identify and return to the city after the equipment identification.

Some advanced equipment needs to deliberately pick up the same name to obtain the return, and the variable equipment sale formulas, let the same players' earning money, and efficiency form a drop, encouraging players to increase their efficiency of the benefits. Compared to the non-brain-free home identification of ordinary Diako game, PoE emphasized the efficiency is unprecedented in this type.

PoE is completely separated by washing properties, washing properties, and the items that start the equipment from the beginning, and they try to distinguish between the pre-periods and the middle and later currency props attempts. In the current version of the game, as the game progress and the number of full-level roles are different, the props price will change with demand. The difference between official exchange price and private exchange prices, as well as how many open official prices and formulations have proved that this automatic balance supply price is still effective.

Regardless of the above design, it is reflected in the production team attempt to create a system that automatically adjusts and eliminates excessive goods. Whenever the new version of the game is turned on and new equipment, it will generate an amazing number of new consumption. Forcing the player to consume the currency props of the hand; and the Diagonical regular ladder mode (all the data per month with the version updated with the version To the old version) and Hardcore mode, let the free currency props issued by the game into several different valuation areas, and the higher regional currency props will be regularly rolled into low-level mode ... If not the independent production group is very good, I It is already possible to imagine a new economic system for charging these currency props in real world currencies.

Indeed, this slightly complex economic system gives the first feeling is very anti-tradition, so that people want to question its feasibility. But in fact, in our economic history, there is more than the monetary example of "will automatically eliminate and regulate excessive goods", and examples are all over the ancient economic world from the UK, Arab to China, Japan. In my opinion, these ideas are also completely feasible for systems for a limited educational player, which is limited, economic demand, which provides a very interesting for game currency history - perhaps also valuable value New example. To explain the meaning of this "self-regulatory currency", it is necessary to take a review from the historical opening of the entire game currency.


Free market dream: instinct imitation of real economic system


Before online games, most games already have the design of making money to buy items. However, these money is not a currency, and there is no infair in these games - because the game coins are not allowed to flow. It is better to buy game items from the store with the game coins, but you are making scores. For traditional single games, whether you are calling money, or tapping his score, achieving a point, don't have two applications when buying items. Currency that does not have any transactions and exchange functions cannot be called inferior.

However, in this prehistoric era, there is a different and realistic economic system, very important potential problems have already appeared. That is the efficiency problem of currency acquisition. In the real world economics, no matter how the various schools define "labor productivity", "GDP added value", "circulation speed" or "general labor time", he is not a variable capable of actually investing, nor Any economic school is seriously calculated "labor efficiency" - because this value is too complicated to a modern society, it is in fact in fact. But for a small and exquisite game world, it is a clear and significant problem that we can almost ascended to be almost asking for a skilled player. The quantity of his production currency is that the game time is multiplied by money. Get efficiency - is also the game informed = time * efficiency. Moreover, as his understanding of the game has become more, it is more time to invest, and his efficiency will gradually increase - depending on the game, sometimes it is an increase in index nature.

Then, the game naturally entered the era of online games. Almost all game practitioners and gamers are born in Hongqi - ah, not right, and in the peaceful environment of free capitalism, most of them grow in developed countries, quasi-developed countries and self-proclaimed free capital. Theoretical country, from the small lack of the ears of the economic report, the first reaction is to move the free market in the real world to the game world. All game inflight can be exchanged freely! All equipment can be purchased freely! According to the various rules of free capitalist economics, this seems to be the most perfect -

Then this idea has hit his face in reality. Among the original online games represented by Diablo, almost all outbreak a large-scale malignant inflation, players quickly swallow the content of the game like locusts, improve their currency access efficiency, large-scale purchase and dumping Game infority and props, the elderly play all the contents of the game, the newcomer has a huge amount of money obtained after dumping and inflation, and quickly completed the game, the entire game environment and designers think, and the beautiful free market similar to the real market is very different. . So everyone is nervously improving design, joining systems like the bindings in World of Warcraft, controlling malignant inflation, while thinking about the problem.

That answer is also very clear: online games - even if it is a more amazing online game similar to World of Warcraft, it is not enough to support the huge consumption of the free market. A similar reality, the cost of the free national market is very high, and this problem is also not studied in the traditional economics framework. Before I actually encounter problems, no one thinks that the actual game content of online games will actually have such a significant contradiction between the economic system.

Indeed, if you have the ability to maintain it, build a free market, you can increase the total amount of the economy in the game, provide the player's expectation and investment. - or use domestic sayings to improve the adhesion Reduce the loss rate. In fact, the success of this success is also, and very famous: the hit card game of the Magic and the game king. By adding a free market environment by adding a traditional card to fight games, the intersection card game not only creates a business miracle, but also thoroughly changes the economic look of this homoted house industry. With the score of the 90s, the store - cartoon store complex has completely changed the business model of American traditional toy stores, the first batch of open shops have earned the basin full, and the whole industry expands. To the extent of the whole beauty. But for a single online game, this route is facing huge problems: there is almost no game built a partial preservation, and even an appreciation market environment. An old Wan Zhigue player can determine their investment to protect the value and transfer, which has gradually improved the funds of the precipitation of the entire trading environment, but the online game can only speed up the user.

As I have said above, market maintenance costs and transaction costs are completely unlocked in a online game. Every game designer knows that it is necessary to maintain a free market and let it attract players, produce profits for the market itself, but it is not as simple as economists say. The biggest problem is that the game world does not actually have a real world of consumer demand and diversity. A online game can be considered a particularly small country, while each server of a online game can be seen as the city of this particularly small country, and the residents inside are not only completely free, but the country's output is very limited, all The supply and demand curve of virtual goods will change dramatically. This small country should face the rapid change in internal monetary currency, but also face the external unified influence foreusement - is also the dollar, yen, renminbi - dump and exchange challenge of the real world. If each server "City State" player game time is considered M0, the absolute inflight after multiplying currency is efficient, the total output of this small country, all equipment, consumables, etc. are M2, eliminated Equipment forms a heavy cost, the top equipment can be considered in real output, and the content of the game is the raw materials and materials that are not consumed. And all this is eventually to be converted to the revente of the game company.

All online games are all time charges - we can see it immediately, which is equivalent to all revenues from a country from direct M0, cash or cast coins, ignoring any M1, M2 and Senior economic activity. A online game is more than the real world even more than the smallest country, and the stability of their virtual path of exile currency will be worse than the 2008 Iceland or the past these years of Zimbabwe. This directly leads to players' game time. The value of informedity relative to the game is also very unstable. Players (or BOT programs) with high efficiency or game time can get more informed in the same time, as long as they sell to new players to get more real money interests. In such a process, the content made by the game company is constantly consumed by another server "City" players, and the old players will continue to leave the game with the instructions, the content expires. . Even if the World of Warcraft puts a huge content cost, it has not established a free market environment of the key than that of the key, people will naturally want to take another way.

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