A Ral rune is a low rune which can be socketed into equipment in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Ral runes are common, but useful for crafting Caster amulets, repairing and recharging armor, and other Horadric Cube recipes. Socketing an item with a Ral rune increases the item's levle requirement to 19, unless it was already higher.


8-RalRal(Number 8)
Clvl Required 19

Weapon: +5-30 Fire Damage
Armor/Helm/Shield: +35% Fire Resistance

The Rescue on Mount Arreat quest awards a Ral rune, an Ort rune, and a Tal rune. The Countess's extra rune drops on any difficulty can include Ral runes. The Hellforge on normal difficulty has a 1 in 11 chance to drop a Ral rune as part of its quest reward. The Act 3 Good treasure class has a chance to drop a Ral rune, as do higher Good treasure classes. The Horadric Cube can transmute three Tal runes into one Ral rune.

Ral runes are used in ten rune words.

  • Call to Arms 'AmnRalMalIstOhm' weapon
  • Enlightenment 'PulRalSol' body armor
  • Ancient's Pledge 'RalOrtTal' off-hand armor
  • Bramble 'RalOhmSurEth' body armor
  • Insight 'RalTirTalSol' polearm or staff (ladder only)
  • Leaf 'TirRal' staff
  • Principle 'RalGulEld' body armor
  • Holy Thunder 'EthRalOrtTal' scepter
  • King's Grace 'AmnRalThul' sword or scepter
  • Grief 'EthTirLoMalRal' sword or axe (ladder only)

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